NRF Protect Anaheim California, we were here!

Each year, the NFR Protect takes place in Anaheim, California- USA, during three days in June. This fair is gathering retailers in order to help them facing their security and cyber security challenges.  Attending the NFR in booth n°1014, Pryntec exhibited smart video surveillance systems and realized software’s live demo.  Let’s discover the highlighted products of the 2019’s edition.




GO’IA, the intelligent software

Is a software with artificial intelligence integrated that can complete live image processing or in retrospect.

GOIA’s assets:

  1. GOIA Analytics is a software designed to better understand its clients and flow of visitors. The latter is able to precisely count people, to analyze directions and to generate heatzones and heatmaps in order to measure a merchandising’s success. Through gender and age analysis, the software provides smart data at different times of the day.


  1. GOIA Risk Management is made to efficiently protect humans and properties. It is able to distinguish a human being from a vehicle; which drastically decreases false alarm. The reliability of perimeter intrusion detection becomes more reliable. Regarding human being protection, the software is even able to detect specific or abnormal attitude. It can automatically send an alert if someone falls down or if there is a robbery attempt.


  1. GOIA Filtering is conceived for a proactive management of customers and audience. By combining facial recognition and different type of lists (Goldlist, Whitelist, Watchlist, Blacklist); the software is managing VIP customers to enhance customer experience. On the other hand, it can also alert on an individual presence who has already been aggressive.


  1. GO’IA Investigation is another software, also with artificial intelligence integrated, which is specialized in retrospect image processing and which works independently of other video equipment. Its main goal is to make video operator save time with three modules:


  • GO’IA Interest is a tool that analyzes a huge number of videos in order to extract only the essential from them. Quite simple to use, it requires to select targeted elements like people, vehicle, movement, colors, etc. and the software will do the work. Then, the video operator will have to exclusively concentrate on the interesting sequences extracted by the system.


  • GOIA Blurring is a tool to automatically blur faces, or any other wanted components, from a video. For legal or confidential reasons, video operators have to show videos to people asking for those. But on the other hand, it is not allowed to show videos with other faces than the person who’s asking. Indeed, those queries request heavy video processes that can be answered in a click with GOIA Blurring!


  • GOIA Check Plate is a tool to search a specific plate number in retrospect videos.


For who? Real technical feat, this software is recommended for all kind of business sectors as professionals can choose the best fitted GOIA software according to their needs.

Contact us to know more about GOIA: by email to or by phone on +1 347 884 3903




Pryncar, The ANPR system

Is a range of products conceived for automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR). It exists through different way as: fixed, mobile or embedded.

Pryncar’s assets :

  1. The fixed equipment improves access control systems.
  2. The mobile or embedded equipment are conceived to cooperate with security forces in order to look for stolen vehicles for example.

For who? The fixed ANPR system can be used by all kind of businesses in order to secure better their accesses. The mobile and embedded ANPR systems will operate for security forces: police, customs, etc.




TUB Camera, a video surveillance system for big indoor area

Is Pryntec’s emblematic product. Currently used by several retailers and logistic centers worldwide, the TUB Camera is a mobile video surveillance system that can protect people and goods without being seen.

TUB Camera’s assets :

  1. Le tub Camera has a complete coverage and no dead areas!
  2. Its design makes it discreet and perfect to be unnoticed in your interior design or architecture
  3. Fast, it moves in silent on linear meters.

For who ? Supermarkets, superstores, logistic centers or any other huge indoor area.




Digipryn & Prynvision, complementary softwares

That are videos’ management software well known for their ergonomics and ease of use.

  • Digipryn is a network video recorder and a video analysis system that is multi-protocol. It can be sold with or without its hardware.
  • Prynvision is a supervision software design for simple video’s architecture and even for complex and multisite architectures.

For who? The Digipryn software is designed for all kind of business willing to have a video surveillance system. Prynvision is more adapted for an entity with subsidiaries.