PRYNTEC: a new name, a new direction, a new vision for the French professional video specialist

PRYNTEC is born to conquer new markets such as urban environments, industrial sites and logistics centers, retail, banking, transportation, data centers and new geographical areas across Europe, MEA, Latin and North America.

PRYNTEC is committed to a new dynamic. And, behind this name lies the sum of all our ambitions, all our aspirations and above all, the very essence of our strategy, of which you, who read these few words are already, or can choose to be a player !

PRYNTEC has redesigned its business model. From now on, all products will be 100% marketed through an indirect distribution network. This ambition leads us to recruit new partners installers, integrators and distributors who share our 4 core values: innovation, technology, quality and eco-design.

PRYNTEC, a major player in video surveillance and flow analysis solutions, is also listening to its customers! Tertiary sectors, data centres, distribution, banking, transport or cities, we will be able to deliver innovative and tailor-made technological solutions !