Video has a value, let’s give it a purpose to preserve the environment

Committed to the environment’s protection, Pryntec has decided to meet environmental challenges thanks to its technological know-how. That’s why we support APRR, one of the biggest French highway networks, in their trial project for implementing a dedicated lane to carpooling.

CCTV system has been implemented on a Burgundian’s motorway section and will be tested until august 2019. The latter is aimed to automatically count people in vehicles. Let’s discover the project…

An experimental project to answer environmental challenges…

In line with our value, the APRR’s project for implementing a dedicated lane to carpooling to enhance urban mobility, is a challenge we wanted to meet. We installed smart CCTV equipment that enable to automatically count how many people are in a vehicle and in which lane is the vehicle. If the trial process is a success, the counting solution will be deployed in 2020. Pryntec will provide urban comforts around cities by decreasing carbon emissions, decreasing noise pollution and, consequently, improving air quality.

A French know-how

With artificial intelligence directly integrated into our cameras, we are able to automatically count how many people are in a vehicle regardless of:

  • The weather
  • The vehicle speeds
  • The number of vehicles in the lane or in the highway
  • The lightning conditions

This technological expertise is possible thanks to a deep learning process that teaches the machine to recognize a vehicle and a human being. Our smart solution doesn’t allow people or vehicle’s identifications and is created in compliance with GDPR standards.