Published on 10 September 2021

Carpool lanes : 3 good reasons to choose Pryntec sensors

Today, we have 24km of carpool lanes in France. These carpooling lanes are all controlled by Pryntec sensors. Grenoble and Lyon have already adopted them, what about you?
Here are 3 good reasons to choose Pryntec sensors for your future mobility projects…

1- First operational sensor in France

Yes! Designed, developed and produced in France in our R&D laboratory in Corpeau (21), Pryntec sensors are the first operational in France.
After 9 months of successful experimentation, they opened the first carpooling lane in France in Grenoble, then a second one in Lyon in 2020. Since then, they have been put into regular service and have been validated by the Cerema.

2- A false detection rate under 1%.

According to the Cerema methodology, the false detection rate is estimated at >1%. This makes it a very reliable sensor for counting the number of occupants in vehicles. Especially since the Deep Learning algorithms of our Artificial Intelligence continue to grow and progress !

3- The best performances known to date

The Pryntec sensor performs well:

  • In difficult weather conditions
  • From 0 to 130km/h for occupant counting

According to the Cerema, “this is the best performance known to date” (July 2021).

Still not convinced ?

The Pryntec sensor can be used for several purposes:

  • Controlling carpool lanes or carpool parking lots
  • Counting people in vehicles at tolls, customs, borders, etc.
  • Generate smart data or statistics: classification of vehicles, detection of violations, comparison with the SIV file and the Crit’air stickers…

Developed and manufactured in France by our R&D laboratory, we have the flexibility and the know-how to customize this sensor according to your needs.

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