Analyze the video stream from your cameras to generate Smart Data...

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video software editor.

Expert in smart data generation, our video solutions ensure fluidity, peace of mind and tranquility for all professionals.   

Thanks to artificial intelligence embedded in our solutions, Pryntec guarantees an operational efficiency in the aim of expressing the full potential of your business.

Our innovations improve video surveillance and become tools to support your decision-making processes : they enhance your productivity and profitability by generating smart data in order to anticipate and control your marketing, management and operational needs.

Video management solutions

Record, replay, supervise and manage

your video surveillance stream.  

Solutions de management vidéo Pryntec


Mobile Video Terminal S


Discover Pryntec Mobile Video Terminal, a movable CCTV system which is autonomous and connected; to watch where you want and when you want!


GO'IA Analytics

Are you willing to improve your customers’ experiences? To increase your profitability? Or to gain in reactivity? Then GO’IA® Analytics can surely supports you…


Digipryn software interface multimarque

Digipryn® Software is a user-friendly NVR that works with main video cameras on the market and that enables to conduct analysis or to add options.


Pryncar Sensor-1

Discover Pryncar® Sensor, a solution to control vehicles’ flows thanks to automatic plate number recognition (ANPR)

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What are the applications of an ANPR solution?

à quoi sert la gamme Pryncar

Concretely, the ANPR is used to identify a vehicle by visual recognition of its license plate. Pryntec has developed a complete range of ANPR solutions called Pryncar: fixed, nomadic, embedded or for mobile phone. But what are the applications of such solutions?

Digipryn® has been updated, discover what has changed

Digipryn évolue

Pryntec regularly updates its flagship products in a continuous improvement process. It is in this context that Digipryn®, our video recorder, has evolved in September 2020. Discover the updates designed for a better user comfort.

Discover Pryncar, the ANPR range from Pryntec

Pryncar, la gamme LAPI de Pryntec

Developed in France and in several forms to meet your needs, discover one of the most efficient ANPR on the market with more than 99% detection rate!