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Pryntec is a Software vendor and Video Systems Manufacturer combining all professional video and workflow analysis solutions by TEB Group. Multinational based in Burgundy, France, in the heart of the great vineyards, Pryntec has its US headquarters in New York. We pride ourselves to make our Cutting Edge Video Technological expertise spread throughout the world serving the needs of Security, Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Merchandising professionals in Retail, Logistics, Transportation, Banking and various other industries.


ISO 9001 EN

Since 2011 Pryntec is ISO9001 certified. This certification ensures customers’ satisfaction and that quality processes are followed in production.



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15% of the turnover in R&D, 20 researchers dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.



Tech is part of Pryntec’s DNA and we are an active member of French Tech.

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Our know-how is recognized. We manufacture and test all our products in our facility.



Reducing our environmental footprint through a responsible economic model.



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Pryntec products serve the following markets:

Our Products

Pioneering Video Solutions

Sprynt Dome Titre
A precision product, manufactured in France, adapted to demanding markets

Invisible lens, extended vision, driving and image quality, reliability, total silence, excellent autofocus… these are the promises held by Sprynt Dome®.

Resulting from several years of R&D, Sprynt Dome® combines innovative mechanics, energy-efficient electronics and 100% French software to ensure ever greater customer satisfaction and safety. Available in 5 references, Sprynt Dome® can be adapted to all types of environments (shopping malls, urban areas, logistics platforms, construction sites, etc.).

Sprynt Dome
TUB Camera
The assurance of seeing everything!

This concept includes a motorized video shuttle that moves with precision and discretion, at high speed inside a tube. With it, you can protect your customers, fight against shrinkage, shoplifting, employee theft, secure confidential data centers, analyze the movement of people, control the flow of goods… a rapidly profitable surveillance.

Borne vidéo mobile
Your video protection where you need it!

An “all-in-one” videoprotection system installed on street lighting lights. Immediately operational, the device is completely autonomous, easily movable according to the needs: no civil engineering and cabling works are necessary.

Borne Video Mobile S
The Plug & Play video protection solution

A new generation of “all-in-one” video protection system, this mobile solution is ready to use! Ultra compact, lightweight (16 lbs with battery) and equipped with an 18-hour battery life (recharges in 3 hours), it can be installed without civil engineering where it is needed.

The BVM S protects sensitive areas, complements fixed video devices, keeps an eye on construction sites and monitors specific events.

Borne Video Mobile S
Unik 3D

This system includes a revolutionary image processing system ensuring the security of access to sensitive areas: single-personnel SAS, secure technical enclosures, strong points, counting rooms…

It allows a three-dimensional analysis of the volume to be secured. The fisheye camera, also integrated into the system, provides motion detection and analysis in the area not covered by 3D. Thus, the uniqueness of presence is effectively controlled and monitored in real time.

Video Management Solutions

Exploitation vidéo
Gamme Exploitation Vidéo Pryntec

The DIGIPRYN® range incorporates the latest technological innovations in recording, image analysis and transmission to meet all types of video surveillance applications. This solution offers image processing functions to enrich an installation, efficiently operate the video system and increase the efficiency of security operators.

Since 2019, DIGIPRYN® is CNPP certified.


Video Solution to enhance Security

Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of abnormal situations: crossing of zones, detection of “abnormalities” (gathering, counter sense…), vehicle categorization (cars, trucks, brand, color…), vehicle activities (vehicles in forbidden zones, reserved zones…).

Real-time flow analysis: complex real-time counting, face detection (under different angles of view), gender and age range detection, identification/categorization of individuals/objects in dense areas.

Find a person among the crowd, control access, detect wanted individuals: facial recognition, recognition of physical attributes: gender, age groups, color of clothing, search for correspondence of faces live and posteriori, comparison with a database, rereading of the video associated with the face.

Image analysis

Sabotage detection, automatic tracking, perimeter intrusion detection, face detection, LAPI, queue management, face blurring, extended presence detection (DAB), vehicle-pedestrian abnormality distinction, etc.

Video Solution to enhance Operational Performance

Real-time marketing analysis of your store in real time

PRYNSHOP® is a unique software that transforms your video surveillance cameras into a real-time marketing analysis tool. You analyze your customers’ behavior to optimize their experience. Complex counting of people, attendance analysis, gender and age analysis, directional analysis, queue management, etc.

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Training courses

Video surveillance is a vibrant industry under constant technological evolution in which it becomes critical to stay up to date with expert training courses. Our accredited Training Centre welcomes you all year round to pass on know-how and support our partners in becoming experts in the field. Please contact us using the form below.

On Demand Services

In video-surveillance, each project being different, a product approach is not enough to build a coherent, adapted and technically successful solution. With Pryntec, à la carte services are possible and that is why a dedicated “projects & consulting” team has been set up. Please contact us using the form below.

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You want to join a Video Surveillance industry leader? Discover the innovative technologies of Pryntec. They will open new opportunities and new markets to increase your Sales!

Video is a great medium to deliver unique analysis services for surveillance, security, marketing, human resources and industry players… a fast-growing market estimated to reach €30 billion globally in 2020, 40% of which being North America.

Pryntec growth strategy is to recruit and integrate new partner installers, integrators, distributors motivated with the idea of committing themselves to support technically and commercially our hardware and software state of the art solutions.


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