GO’IA® Analytics

The intelligent software to run quantitative and qualitative studies

GO’IA® Analytics is a software that enables to run quantitative and qualitative studies thanks to statistics generation on people or vehicle flows, or also on your establishment layout. This intelligent software offers performance indicators (KPI’s) to support decision-making.

GO’IA® Analytics helps to improve the customer experience, your attractiveness and even your profitability by taking the right decision…

  • Counting: measure the exact number of inbound and outbound customers or vehicles in the area of your choice, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Directional counting: analyze precisely people and/or vehicles direction in order to understand and optimize your establishment organization.
  • Profiles categorization and analysis: qualify your visitors profile by gender, age, type of vehicle … in order to know them better and to be able to target and address them precisely.  
  • Heatzones et Heatmaps : map the hot and cold areas of your establishment by collecting spatial and temporal data in order to optimize your spaces and layouts.


Product features


Artificial intelligence integrated in GO’IA® Analytics improves real-time image analysis accuracy and enhances your responsiveness in your decision-making process.

KPI’s generator

GO’IA® Analytics interface monitors real-time statistical analysis from your video live and automates smart data generation in order to help you track your KPI’s.

Made in France

This software has been developed in our French Research and development center.


Our research and development center has the agility and the flexibility to develop a solution in compliance with your expectations and specific needs. Contact our sales team to discuss your project.

Scope of application

  • T
  • All sales areas wishing to improve customer’s experience and path, or to measure the ROI of advertising campaigns thanks to smart data generation.
  • All establishment receiving visitors in indoor or outdoor areas, wishing to make customer’s path more fluid and their spaces more valuable.

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