Markets & applications

Discover all our intelligent video systems and products that meet your business activity’s challenges.

Banks and finance

  • How to protect your customers, employees and your processes?
  • How to enhance customer experience to create customer loyalty?
  • Which solution to analyze and manage a bank agency or multiple agencies?

Public areas

  • How to develop intelligent mobility?
  • How to fight against criminality and vandalism?
  • How to records, supervise and control your security system in total peace of mind?


  • How to reduce the insecurity feeling on public transportation and gain in attractivity?
  • How to ensure employees’ security when at the counters, on platforms or on-board?
  • How to fight against fraud and vandalism?
  • How to manage your security system and to generate smart data?  


  • How to ensure safety of people in your shop?
  • How to optimize customer experience in order to create customer loyalty?
  • How to manage your video surveillance and security systems?

Mass Retailing

  • How to secure effectively your goods and processes?
  • How to protect people within your sales area?
  • How to increase your turnover and enhance customers’ experiences?
  • How to supervise and control your security system?


  • How to protect goods and human resources of your tertiary or administration site?
  • How to control people and vehicles flows within your establishment
  • How to effectively manage your security system?

Industrial sites

  • How to protect people and goods in your industrial sites?
  • How to supervise your industrial sites?


  • How to secure the goods in your logistic center?
  • How to ensure employees’ safety?
  • How to optimize your operational management and your center’s architecture?
  • How to operate your video and security systems?

Data centers

  • How to control your data center accesses?
  • How to manage precisely your data center video stream and security system?