Solutions vidéo intelligente pour les commerces de distribution

With the rise of pure players and the advent of the internet in general terms, retailers are facing increasingly fierce competition. With the aim of regaining attractiveness; improving customer experience then becomes a crucial issue for traditional businesses.

Pryntec offers intelligent video solutions in order to protect your business, get a better understanding of your environment and help to seize the opportunities of your activity. Acquire a vision that goes beyond security with our innovations designed to enhance video.méliorer la vidéo.

How to secure people in your store?

A smooth and efficient video surveillance system can greatly increase people protection in your shop. Thanks to its deterrent force and its ability to detect, you will gain in responsiveness in case of abnormal situations.

Reassure your customers and your staff about your store security will strengthen the connection they have toward your brand and your attractiveness.

Sécuriser les biens et les personnes


Tablette de contrôle de port du masque de protection

The collaborative tablet for controlling mask wearing

This collaborative solution of face mask wearing control is an all-in-one system quickly deployable. Equipped with a high-definition camera, a dynamic display on its screen and an automated result reading on loudspeakers, this solution allows to set up efficient control checkpoints in your store’s interior spaces in order to preserve everybody’s health.

GO’IA® Filtering, for people flow management and prevention

GO’IA® Filtering is an intelligent software that assists human beings in people flow management. Thanks to pre-established lists (Goldlist, Whitelist, Blacklist, Watchlist), you receive real-time notifications when a person referenced in these lists is detected. In this way, you can implement the necessary measures on time in case of persona non grata presence in order to avoid any further incident.

GO’IA® Filtering

GO’IA® Risk Management

GO’IA® Risk Management, to detect abnormal situations

GO’IA® Risk Management is a software including artificial intelligence developed to provide real-time alerts in case of abnormal situations detection. It can occur with distress signals, such as hands up in robbery situation, verticality loss in case of unconsciousness, prolonged immobilization of a person, or even an intrusion.

Prynpad, the mobile monitor for incivility alerts triggering

Supervise your business wherever you are with Prynpad. This tablet is complementary to Digipryn® and help to manage your business thanks to real-time counting statistics and instructions broadcasting. It is also equipped with a panic button which significantly increases the safety of staff when in troubles.



Prynplay, dynamic display to fight against incivilities

Prynplay is a dynamic display solution that reminds people they are being filmed. Its multimode display allows to broadcast media, as well as the video stream from your surveillance cameras. This monitor can be adjusted cyclically, or by activation in order to ease tensions on the sale area.surface de vente.

How to improve customer experience and loyalty?

Smart data generation from video surveillance is a strategic resource for a better understanding of your customers and your establishment’s attractiveness. Knowing its customers is one of the key factors to address them and personalized your offer according to their profiles and purchasing behaviors.

Make the most of statistics generated by our intelligent software to maximize your profitability and provide an optimal customer experience in order to build customer loyalty.

Améliorer l'expérience client


GO’IA® Analytics

GO’IA® Analytics, the intelligent software that will enhance your performances

GO’IA® Analytics is an intelligent software generating KPI’s on flow and area analysis. It provides people and vehicles counting, their categorization (age, gender, type of vehicles…), directional flows analysis and heat zones generation in order to optimize customers’ path.

GO’IA® Filtering, to offer a VIP experience for your loyal customers

Thanks to pre-established lists, GO’IA® Filtering alerts in real time when VIP’s are detected. Thus, even a new staff member can offer all the attention deserved by this type of customer.

GO’IA® Filtering


Digipryn®, to reduce waiting time

Thanks to Prynline feature in your Digipryn®, you will receive real-time alerts in case of too long waiting lines. In this way, you will be able to shorten global waiting time and significantly increase customer satisfaction. This feature is also available on Prynpad.

How to optimize your video surveillance stream management?  

Pryntec provides a range of software to manage effectively the video stream of your CCTV system in compliance with the GDPR requirements. Our solutions offer a multisite management of recorders, cameras and other components from your security system.s au RGPD.

Thanks to our video management software, you will save time so you can focus only on the essentials.

Exploiter son flux de vidéosurveillance



Digipryn®, the high-performance NVR

With Digipryn®, record and supervise your video surveillance stream with ease, thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Store your data and export statistics in order to analyze live and past events.

Prynpocket®, to view your video surveillance stream on smartphone

Prynpocket® is a solution that allows to visualize not only the live stream of your surveillance cameras, but also the replays. You can also receive instant alerts via notifications.



Prynvision®, supervise your multisite sales areas

Prynvision® is a supervision software which centralizes information from all your different sites on a single interface. Access 24/7 to all your recorders, cameras, alarms, hard drives, networks, systems status, statistics, etc.

GO’IA® Investigation, to process personal data confidentially

With GO’IA® Investigation’s blurring function, you are able to blur or unblur every element (faces, people, characteristics, vehicles, license plates) in a video. With just a few clicks, you can deliver to any person filmed in your store a video complying with GDPR. You can also run investigation with the element search function.

GO’IA® Investigation

Développements sur-mesure pour professionnels du commerce de détails

Customized developments

VIf you are looking for a video solution that will optimize our processes, maximize your turnover or increase the security of your shop, contact us to talk about your project and develop together you customized video solution.