A boundless supervision

Prynvision® is a video supervision software which allows to manage your entire security system from a single and powerful interface. Regardless the size of your installation, Prynvision® offers the ability to interface with up to 250 video cameras and can be extended beyond.

Prynvision® provides a 24/7 management of your NVR, video cameras, alarms, hard drives, networks, system status, etc. from your site, or from several sites spread all over the world. You can also take remotely control of your cameras, perform actions, mark events…

Prynvision®’s centralized management allows to view live, replay videos, export them and manage databases, rights and statistics. Improve your efficiency with widgets in order to customize your display.


Product features


Multi-sites, multi-servers, multi-displays, multi-users.

Continuous analysis

24/7 real-time technical analysis of your fleet status in order to optimize your system’s performance in case of failure.

Wide coverage

Live, replay, repatriations, exports or video summaries, and even compilations and statistic exports.

Full control

Camera control, action implementation, events marking, audio transmission …


Centralized databases management, rights and statistics management


Many options are available to enrich your experience: Prynplay, interactive mapping, statistical analysis, GO’IA®…

Scope of application

  • For every professional who needs to record, view and supervise their multi-site security systems.

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Video management solutions

Digipryn® Hardware

Digipryn® Hardware

Digipryn® Hardware works with any type of security architecture; full IP, multi-hybrid or embedded. Available in 3U ou 4U rack.


Digipryn® Software

Digipryn® Software

Digipryn® Software is a multi- analysis video recorder with a user friendly interface and which works with the main video camera brands from the market.