Solutions vidéo intelligentes pour les transports en commun

Ensuring users safety and offering a satisfying travel experience are the two main challenges for public transit organizations, whether they are road, sea, rail or airport transit organization.

Pryntec offers innovative video solutions for passenger security, as well as smart data generation to manage flows, maintain processes and optimize operations.

How to reduce the insecurity feeling in public transportation and increase its attractiveness?

Whether on board, on platforms, in stations or in facilities, it is essential to protect users and infrastructure against aggression, theft, suspicious packages, terrorist acts, fraud or even vandalism.

Our innovative and intelligent video solutions are designed to increase reactivity when abnormal situations are detected.

Satisfaire les usager et réduire le sentiment d'insécurité dans les transports


BVMS, la caméra de vidéosurveillance nomade

Borne Vidéo Mobile S, to adjust your security system

Adjust your fleet of video cameras with the Mobile Video Terminal S. This nomadic camera is easy to move thanks to its light weight and its installation without civil engineering. Resistant to vandalism, it enables to view points of interest according to seasonality or specific events.

GO’IA® Risk Management, to detect abnormal situations and alert in real time.

Significantly reduce your reactivity time in case of abnormal situations with artificial intelligence detection. GO’IA® Risk Management detects and alerts in real time in case of: gatherings, distress signals, man down, aggressions, etc. This decision-support tool considerably increases the safety of the areas it observes.

GO’IA® Risk Management pour alerter en temsp réel en cas de situations anormales

Tablette tout-en-en pour contrôle du port du masque

Mask wearing control solution

The Pryntec tablet is an all-in-one collaborative solution designed to set up checkpoints in areas where the use of a mask is mandatory. With high reliability, detection even in motion and immediate reading of results; the tablet guarantees the fluidity of individuals in controlled area.

How to ensure the safety of staff at the ticket office, on the docks or on board?

Managing incivility is part of the daily life of transportation professionals. So to protect staff exposed to increasingly virulent passengers, it is now essential to be equipped with high-performance and reliable solutions that will deliver real time alerts.

Sécurité des personnes


Prynplay, l'affichage dynamique pour calmer les incivilités et diffuser des notes d'information

Prynplay, to broadcast media and ease tensions

Prynplay is a digital monitor that broadcast the video stream from your surveillance cameras alternating with media content, such as information on delays or cancellations of transports. Ideally placed in reception areas and ticket offices, it calms down tensions when a dissatisfied user becomes aggressive.

Prynpad, to send instructions and activate a panic button

Prynpad is a mobile solution complementary to Digipryn®. It is a touchpad that works like a monitor. It allows to visualize the video stream of the cameras, to consult the statistics or to activate a panic button if needed. It also generates the distribution of instructions to the operational teams in order to alert in case of suspicious packages, crowds, delays, cancellations, etc…

Prynpad pour diffusion de consignes et panic button

How to fight against fraud and vandalism?

Fraud and vandalism in public transport causes a nuisance to the quality of infrastructure because of a significant loss of revenue.

Pryntec offers a range of intelligent solutions to fight against fraud and vandalism.


GO’IA® Investigation pour retrouver rapidement des éléments d'intérêt dans une vidéo a posteriori

GO’IA® Investigation, to ease investigations in cases of assault, theft or fraud

GO’IA® Investigation generates video summaries of scenes of interest afterwards. This independent software detects the requested elements (people, vehicles, color, marks, faces, etc.) and summarizes the video sequences so that you only need to focus on the essentials. Finding a thief or fraudster has never been easier!

GO’IA® Filtering, to be alerted in real time when suspicious individuals are detected

GO’IA® Filtering is a software that detects, analyzes and transmits alerts on the flow of people in your infrastructures. Thanks to pre-established lists, you are notified in real time of the presence of a person who has already defrauded, stolen or demonstrated aggressive behavior.

GO’IA® Filtering pour être alerté en cas d'individu blacklisté

How to manage your security system and generate smart data?

Managing the supervision of an entire transport network requires coordination and centralization of the various equipment in order to benefit from it efficiently.

Pryntec offers fluid and statistics-generating video solutions to optimize the operation of your security system and your operational processes.

Superviser et contrôler son système de sécurité


Customized develoments

Are you looking for a video solution to optimize your operational processes but no solution fits 100% of your needs ? Pryntec provides customized development to create the video solution with the artificial intelligence detection you need!

Développement sur-mesure pour secteur du transport

GO'IA Analytics pour générer et extraire des données

GO’IA® Analytics, to transform your cameras into data generation tools

GO’IA® Analytics enables to provide an optimal customer experience through the generation of smart data and statistics. This intelligent assistant counts, analyzes directions, determine hot/cold zones, classify individuals and vehicles by attributes… Thus, you can accurately anticipate traffic congestion, optimize congestion areas, and address better your users thanks to the understanding of their profiles and habits.

Digipryn® Hardware, to record, view and replay

Digipryn® is a video recorder compatible with most camera brands on the market. It can record up to 100 cameras in 4K. Its user-friendly interface offers display possibilities up to 15 monitors simultaneously and a great flexibility of configuration. This NVR is also available in a customized embedded version (bus, trains, airplanes, ships).

Digipryn Hardware l'enregistreur vidéo multimarque


Prynvision®, to centralize information from all your sites

Manage your entire security system with this French supervision solution designed for multi-site centralization. Prynvision® provides a 24/7 control of cameras, recorders, networks, alarms, system status, hard disks, statistics, etc…