Industrial sites

Solutions vidéo intelligentes pour sites industriels

Industrial sites generally have very specific safety requirements, particularly due to the presence of hazardous substances or materials, their restrictive environments in terms of temperature and dust, and their complex architecture.

Pryntec offers innovative video solutions for industrial sites to manage risks, protect people and guard against malicious acts.  

How to secure goods and people in its industrial site?

Protect your staff in high-risk areas, or isolated workers; secure sensitive areas where industrial secrets or hazardous materials are hidden; protect your raw material or finished product stocks…

These are the main challenges of industrial sites to which Pryntec responds with its intelligent video solutions.

Protéger ses clients, le personnel et ses ressources


TUB Camera, la vidéosurveillance des grands espaces industriels sans angle mort

TUB Camera®, the no blind spot video surveillance for large areas

Tub Camera® is a video surveillance camera that enables to watch without blind spot any large indoor spaces with no length limit!  This rail-mounted camera covered with a mirror film has a x30 zoom, site and azimuth rotation and moves at a speed of 7m/s so that no detail is missed.

GO’IA® Risk Management, to effectively protect property and people with intelligent detection

GO’IA® Risk Management is a software that detects abnormal situations by artificial intelligence: intrusion attempts in the perimeter of your industrial site, presence of an individual in a forbidden zone, if a person loses verticality, crowd in an area, etc… Receive alerts in real time in order to gain in reactivity to regularize any anomaly.  

GOIA Risk Management détection d'intrusion

Pryncar Sensor pour contrôler les flux de véhicule

Pryncar Sensor, to control vehicles flow and access

Pryncar Sensor is a hardware and software solution that allows to efficiently control the entries and exits of vehicles in your industrial site. Its centralized management automates actions on gates, retractable bollards, etc. and informs about the presence of visitor and employee vehicles.

Customized developments

If your industrial site requires specific surveillance that no video solution can provide; Pryntec has the ability to develop a specific video solution thanks to our innovative know-how and own Research & Development laboratory. Thus, we can support you in the creation of a video solution that generates peace of mind and performances like quality control for example.

Développements sur-mesure pour sites industriels

How to ensure an effective supervision of your industrial site?

Centralize all the information of your security system to optimize the protection of your industrial site with our intelligent and intuitive video management solutions.

Manage your park in all agility with Pryntec solutions.

Superviser son système de sécurité en toute tranquillité


Neopad 2 pour contrôler le TUB Camera

Neopad 2, to control and manage the TUB Camera®

Precisely control the TUB Camera® with Neopad 2. This control console is the ideal solution for video camera management : place it where you want it, zoom, record rounds or presets, etc. This fun and ergonomic tool will help to control your video flow with ease.

Digipryn® Hardware, to record, view and replay your video stream

Digipryn® Hardware is a video recorder that allows to view and replay the video stream of up to 100 surveillance cameras regardless of their brand. Its many options (Intrusion, vehicle access control, etc.), its display flexibility and its intuitive interface make it more than just a NVR.

Digipryn l'enregistreur vidéo multimarque

Supervisoion centralisée avec Prynvision

Prynvision®, multi-site and multi-network supervision

Prynvision® enables to manage 24/7 your entire security system (cameras, alarms, system status, recorders, networks, hard drives, etc.), whatever the size of your installation and even if your industrial sites are spread all over the world. Made in France, this software centralizes the complete management of your park, generates smart data and reports incidents.