Digipryn® Hardware

Much more than just a video recorder

Digipryn® Hardware is a complementary solution to Digipryn® Software which can be adapted to any type of security architecture; full IP, multi-hybrid or embedded.

This video recorder provides up to 100 cameras recording in a 4K maximum quality, and a live broadcast reaching 60fps. It has a storage capacity up to a 97 To in order to guarantee smooth and constant recording over an extended processing period.

Digipryn® Hardware is available in 3U and 4U rack. You can also enrich your experience with several options like GO’IA®.


Product features

Sedentary or embedded

Digipryn® Hardware can be integrated on your existing security system or set up into a vehicle thanks to a customized integration.


This video recorder provides up to 4K display and recording definition, and up to 60 fps live frame rate.


Digipryn® Hardware fits to all cameras, whatever their brand.


View your video stream from Digipryn® Hardware directly on your smartphone thanks to Prynpocket®.


Digipryn® Hardware has many functions: tracking, anti-tamper, intrusion detection, area crossing, flow analysis, audio, IP device management…


Enhance your experience with many video analysis options such as GO’IA®, Heatzone, Heatmap, Automatic Registration Plate Reading (ANPR)…

Scope of application

  • Digipryn® Hardware is intended to every professional who needs to efficiently record, monitor, and control their security systems.  

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Video management solutions



Prynvision® is a supervision software that enables to manage your multi-site security system from a single and powerful interface.


Digipryn® Software

Digipryn® Software

Digipryn® Software is a multi- analysis video recorder with a user friendly interface and which works with the main video camera brands from the market.