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Solutions vidéo intelligentes pour milieux urbains

Establishing a climate of lasting tranquillity helps to strengthen the attractiveness of urban environments. This is why protecting residents, preserving infrastructures from vandalism or intrusion are among the main challenges for cities.

Pryntec offers cutting-edge video solutions to optimize your city and assist law enforcement in their decision making. Gain in reactivity in case of abnormal situations, increase the security of the inhabitants and equip yourself with smart data to understand the urban environment and improve it according to the needs.

How to develop intelligent mobility in your city?

Filming, detecting, analyzing and controlling vehicle flows on move or stationary are the conditions needed to support tomorrow’s mobility.

Pryntec offers this winning combination to act responsibly towards the environment and your residents quality of life.


Solution de comptage du nombre d'occupants dans les véhicules

Solution for counting the number of people in vehicles

Our solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles works in all weather conditions, regardless of traffic conditions, at a standstill or at high speed. Artificial intelligence detection coupled with ANPR sensors can be used to encourage carpooling or generate smart data by centralizing the information.

Pryncar Sensor, vehicles flow management

Do you need to identify the travel time in your urban area? Or even set up free flow tolls? Develop intelligent parking facilities? Find a signaled vehicle? Control the access of your administrations? Opt for the automatic number plate recognition with Pryncar Sensor!

Pryncar Sensor pour contrôler les flux de véhicule

How to fight crime and vandalism?

Malicious acts faced by citizens can end up hampering the collective well-being and diminishing the attractiveness of your city.

Pryntec offers a range of intelligent video solutions to see what the human eye cannot perceive and assist law enforcement agencies to make them more responsive.


BVMS, la caméra mobile

Mobile Video Terminal S, to monitor where you want and when you want

Eco-designed and developed in France, the Mobile Video Terminal ensures the temporary or permanent protection of urban areas of interest. Lightweight and installed in less than 45 minutes without civil engineering, its compact and resistant design easily merge into your city’s architecture.

GO’IA® Investigation, to simplify law enforcement investigations

GO’IA® Investigation is an independent software which allows to gain in reactivity for a posteriori researches in a video. User-friendly, just import a video in standard format and select the elements you are looking for: face, individual, color, brand, vehicle, partial or complete license plate, movements, etc. The software condenses the video sequences so you can focus only on what is important.

GO’IA® Investigation pour mener des enquêtes et trouver rapidement les éléments d'intérêt

GO’IA® Risk Management pour détecter les situations anormales

GO’IA® Risk Management, to detect abnormal situations in real time

Quickly detect emergency situations with real-time image analysis using artificial intelligence. This software, developed in France, alerts when abnormal situations are detected: crowds, distress signals (hands in the air), threatening postures, vehicles going the wrong way, vehicle on a pedestrian lane, pedestrians on freeways, loss of verticality, etc.

Comment enregistrer, superviser et contrôler son système de sécurité sereinement ?How to record, supervise and control your security system?

Pryntec offers agile and powerful video management solutions to manage your security system. Our solutions allow to centralize the management of your alarms, video surveillance cameras and other urban infrastructures.

Superviser son système de sécurité en toute tranquillité


Customized deveopments

Are you looking to gain in responsiveness, performance and peace of mind? Let’s develop together your customized video solution with artificial intelligence detection that will make you save time.

Développements sur-mesure pour milieux urbains

Digipryn l'enregistreur vidéo multimarque

Digipryn® Hardware, much more than just a video recorder

Record the video stream of your cameras in high definition and connect up to 100 cameras to Digipryn®. Interoperable with most cameras on the market, its interface provides great display flexibility, intuitive control and easy configuration of these different streams. We also offer a custom-built embedded version for law enforcement vehicles or your public transportation network.

Prynvision®, the centralized supervision

Easily control and monitor all your cameras, recorders, alarms, hard drives, networks, system status from a single interface. Receive alerts in case of failure of one of your systems and receive detailed statistics on events in your city.

Supervisoion centralisée avec Prynvision