How to choose the right ANPR solution?

An Automatic Numer Plate Reading (ANPR) solution offers many advantages to guarantee the safety of users or to control access. How to choose the right ANPR solution? We tell you everything!

Our solutions for transportation and mobility

In a context of growing urbanization, citizens are moving around more and more and their needs are increasingly varied. In this sense, the actors of urban life all have a role to play in transforming mobility.

Pryntec receives the EcoVadis Bronze Medal for its CSR performance

Médaille de Bronze RSE EcoVadis

Pryntec receives the Bronze Medal 2022 by EcoVadis for its CSR performance, discover the details of the report...

The CFVS launches its E-learning platform!

Specialist in training for the security sector and Pryntec approved training center, the CFVS launches its E-learning platform!

Louvre Post Office: Pryntec equips France’s largest post office with video and AI

La Poste du Louvre

After five years of work, La Poste du Louvre was inaugurated on January 10th with distinguished guests. To meet such challenges, Pryntec has deployed all its video and AI know-how...

Secure your establishment with the TUB Camera!

Developed and designed in France over 40 years ago, discover all the advantages of the Tub Camera to secure your establishment!

Discover the Pryntec carpooling solution in video!

Solution covoiturage Pryntec en vidéo

Discover the Pryntec carpooling solution in video to know everything: functioning, installations and first results!

How Pryntec is revolutionizing mobility?

Pryntec révolutionne les mobilités

In France, transportation is the first source of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for air pollution. Discover how Pryntec answers the challenges of mobility with its new video solutions ANPR and carpooling.

Why implement carpool lanes and how to control them?

Mettre en place des voies de covoiturage et les contrôler

Find out everything you need to know about carpool lanes and the Pryntec solution that automates control by counting occupants in vehicles.

What is an intelligent transport system?

Covoiturage et systèmes de transport intelligents

Everything you need to know about intelligent transport systems and the development of carpooling lanes with the Pryntec solution.

Digipryn speeds up with its V8.00!


Digipryn, Pryntec's flagship video recorder, is now available in version 8.00! Discover this smooth evolution which offers a better user comfort.

The Use of Video for Mobility

The use of video can be beneficial to meet the new challenges of mobility. Discover the Pryntec solutions adapted to these needs!