Solutions vidéos pour centre logistique et supply chain

Today, logistics centers are mainly facing urgent flexibility and reactivity needs due to the exponential increase of their activities thanks to the advent of E-commerce. With more staff numbers and the multiplication of transports; strengthening their security systems have never been so topical. 

In response to these challenges, smart data generation and decision support software is becoming more widespread to improve the security of goods and people, production and planning processes throughout the supply chain.

Pryntec offers innovative video solutions to bring more security and performance to the logistics industry. Thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated into our solutions, your security system will become a real performance and statistics tool… 

How to secure the goods in its logistics center? 

In order to secure your goods, Pryntec offers video surveillance systems with an extended vision and no blind spots! Moreover, couple your video cameras with a control console to launch automatic rounds or to deter internal fraud.

With our intelligent video solutions, you can also control the flow of people and vehicles entering and leaving your logistic center to fight against theft and intrusion…

Garantir la sécurité des biens et de ses actifs


TUB Camera®

TUB camera®, for video surveillance without any blind spots

This surveillance camera provides a wide coverage over the length you want! Mounted on a rail covered with a mirror film, it moves at high speed, zoom x30, has an HD vision and ensures patrols in complete autonomy. This camera is ideal for discreet surveillance without missing any details.

Neopad 2, for an interactive control of the TUB Camera®.

Gain precision in the control of your motorized video surveillance cameras with the control console Neopad 2. Ideal for controlling the TUB Camera®, its double joystick allows an ergonomic control of all the functions such as sites, azimuth, zoom or the speed of the camera.

Neopad 2, La console de commande interactive pour les caméras robotisées

GO’IA® Filtering pour maîtriser les flux de personne dans votre centre logistique

GO’IA® Filtering, to control the flow of people in your logistics center

Monitor and control the flow of people circulating in your establishment thanks to GO’IA® Filtering. This software analyzes the live video stream of your cameras, detects and alerts. Create lists to classify individuals with watchlist, blacklist, whitelist or goldlist.  This way, you are immediately alerted to the presence of an individual who has already caused a problem or is not authorized in an area.e.

Pryncar Sensor, to control the flow of vehicles

Pryncar Sensor provides peace of mind against the risk of intrusion by automating action via automatic number plate reading. You can therefore control which vehicles are authorized or not to enter your logistics center and monitor attendance in case of accidents or malicious acts.

Pryncar Sensor pour contrôler les flux de véhicule

How to ensure the safety of its employees? 

Logistics warehouses are the nerve center of handling areas, forklifts transports or other motorized equipment. To ensure the safety of your staff, safety rules must be followed, yet this is not always enough to avoid accidents. Discover our video solutions to automatically detect abnormal situations and to protect the health of your employees.

Sécurité des personnes


GO’IA® Risk Management

GO’IA® Risk Management, for real time abnormal situations detection

In addition to preventing perimeter intrusion risks around your logistics centers, GO’IA® Risk Management automatically alerts in case of abnormal situations such as: crowds (in case of falling objects, accidents, fights, etc.), loss of verticality (in case of fainting, stroke, heart attack, etc.), or even distress signals with, for example, hands up in case of a robbery.

Tablet for mask wearing control

Now mandatory in companies and enclosed spaces, quickly deploy mask wearing checkpoints in your logistics center. Our all-in-one collaborative tablet guides people through detection and delivers reliable and real time results.

Produit Tablette contrôle port du masque de protection

How to optimize the operational management and your company organization?

In a continuous improvement of productivity, processes speed plays a key role in absorbing the constant flow of goods. That’s why, smart data generation has become one of the main challenges for logistics platforms in order to optimize processes and gain operational efficiency.

Our intelligent software solutions, coupled with the video flow of your video surveillance cameras, allow to extract meaningful statistics and to maximize your performance.

optimiser la gestion opérationnelle de son centre logistique


GO’IA® Analytics pour mener des études quantitatives et qualitatives sur son entrepôt logistique

GO’IA® Analytics, to optimize your operational processes

With GO’IA®Analytics, your monitoring system becomes a performance measurement system. It performs analyses on your activity in order to optimize your productivity thanks to human resources planning, supply chain heatzones and heatmaps, barcodes and QR to trace an incident and gather all the information into statistics.

Customized developments

We know that each organization has its own specific processes and needs. To meet these, we offer customized developments of your intelligent video solution. This way, you can define the intelligent detection you need to optimize your performance.

Pryntec développe sur-mesure la solution vidéo dont vous avez besoin

How to efficiently manage your video surveillance system?

When several thousands of goods circulate within the logistics site before being delivered, it is necessary to have a clear and immediate vision of the entire security system to avoid any flaws. In the event of an alert, the ease of piloting and playing back your video stream will ensure an efficient chase. Video surveillance equipment combining these different aspects will ensure optimal security for your logistics.

Superviser et contrôler son système de sécurité


Digipryn l'enregistreur vidéo multimarque

Digipryn® Hardware, the multi-brand NVR

Digipryn® is an NVR compatible with most camera brands on the market. This video management solution offers image processing possibilities to enrich your installation. In addition, its intuitive interface provides a simple and efficient tool to record, view live and replay the video stream of up to 100 cameras in 4K!

Prynpocket®, your Digipryn® visualisation always at fingertip

Prynpocket® is a video solution that enables to view the video stream from your cameras connected to Digipryn®. In addition to live viewing and replay, the application can also take control of your cameras to perform a video doubt removal for example.



Prynvision®, to supervise all your logistic warehouses from a single interface

Prynvision® is a multi-site and multi-server supervisor that pilots and controls from a single interface all your security system 24/7. Retrieve incident reports, statistics or park status; control your cameras, recorders, alarms, hard disks, networks, etc… With this software developed in France, centralized management of all your logistics sites has never been easier!