Banks and finance

Solutions vidéo pour les banques et les organisations financières

Lately, we noticed that digitalized and dematerialized banks and financing services are taking market share. However, financial institutions still play an important role in consumers’ life as they remain an interaction point for them. That’s why it became important to provide an exemplary customer service.

Pryntec offers global and expert image capture and analysis solutions for financial and banking organizations. We help to realize the full potential of their establishment, to elaborate customer attraction and retention strategies, and to reduce losses by optimizing process.

Ours video solutions are conceived to meet your challenges and to provide smart data that helps your decision-making processes and optimize goods and people safety.

How to protect customers, staff and resources?

Ensuring the security of a bank agency is one of the main challenges for this sector. Preventing potential intrusion, robbery and fraud attempts ensures peace of mind for your customers and employees, but also provides a certain competitive advantage.

Protéger ses clients, le personnel et ses ressources


caméra de vidéo surveillance

Spryntdome®, a high-precision camera

Spryntdome® is a PTZ camera designed to see without being seen. Thanks to its tinted dome, its invisible lens and its 360° vision, you will gain in accuracy compared to a fixed camera.

Digipryn®, much more than just a video recorder

Digipryn is a recorder compatible with multiple video cameras. It allows to record, replay and control your video security stream. Its user-friendly interface offers numerus options to optimize customer experience.

Digipryn software pour enregistrer les vidéo dans votre banque

Unik 3D

Unik 3D, the access control for sensitive areas

Unik 3D is the best solution to ensure only one person is accessing the airlock or the sensitive area, such as vaults or counting rooms. Our solution guarantees a one-person presence thanks to a fisheye camera associated to a three-dimensional analysis.

GO’IA® Risk Management, the smart assistant

GO’IA® is the software that detects, analyzes and alerts in case of abnormal situations revealed in real time video stream. Attempt of perimeter intrusions or warning signs are immediately reported.

GO'IA® Risk Management


Prynplay, the solution to fight against incivilities

Prynplay is a monitor with a multi-mode display that allows to broadcast media contents (advertisements, news notes, etc.)  but also, the video stream from your CCTV cameras. It can be set up cyclically, or on request if the staff triggers it.

Customized developments

Pryntec offers a customized video solution service in order to create the system that entirely answer your needs. Thanks to our own R&D and production centers, we innovate technologies in mechatronics, informatics, artificial intelligences and mobile application.

Développements sur-mesure pour agences bancaire et professionnels de la finance

How to improve customer experience and retention?

The rise of new digitalized banking competitors forces traditional establishments to reinvent themselves by maintaining and improving the privileged and direct contact. Getting a personalized approach will enable to create customer loyalty.

Optimiser l'expérience client


GO’IA® Filtering pour connaître ses VIP et leur offrir une expérience client exemplaire

GO’IA® Filtering, to manage people flows

The artificial intelligence of GO’IA® Filtering software accelerates and improves video processing reliability in order to assist people in their decision-making processes. Thanks to pre-existing lists, you will be able to offer VIP experience to your customers. Or on the other hand, you can also receive notification if a person who has already caused troubles is detected.

GO’IA® Analytics, to generate smart data

Designed to automate and accelerate smart data generation, GO’IA® Analytics realizes analysis using AI in order to provide counting, directional counting, profile categorization (gender, age), heatzones or heatmaps statistics.

GO'IA® Analytics

Digipryn avec option Prynline pour gestion et alerte en cas de file d'attente trop longue

Digipryn®, features for customer experience optimization

Digipryn® is a video recorder that records and supervises your activity, and also control your video stream with many options such as Prynline. The latter is immediately notifying when queues become excessive in order to reduce waiting time and enhance customer experience.

What are the solutions to analyze its performances?

Getting rational and statistics are key elements to know precisely your customers and maximize your business growth. Smart data has now become a valuable resource for your business which is just waiting to be exploited.

Analyser ses performances et contrôler ses caméras de surveillance



Prynvision®, for real-time marketing analysis

Prynvision® is a supervisor providing a total control of your security system from a unique interface. Thanks to the centralized, multi-site and multi-server management features providing by this software, you are able to access to data and analyze your setup status 24/7.

GO’IA® Analytics, for smart data generation

Conceived to automate and accelerate smart data generation, GO’IA® Analytic realizes analysis using AI in order to provide accurate counting, directional counting, profile categorization (gender, age), heatzones or heatmaps statistics. 

GO'IA® Analytics