Tertiary offices

Solutions de sécurité vidéo pour bureaux tertiaires et administrations

Company headquarters and tertiary institutions constitute a prime target for malicious acts: burglaries, robberies, industrial spying, frauds, intrusions… Anticipating these risks seems to be the most efficient solution in order to prevent potential losses.

Pryntec offers a complete set of complementary and global video solutions with the aim of preventing and detecting every risky situation and providing real-time analysis.

How to protect goods and resources from your tertiary office?

In order to avoid resource losses and intellectual or physical data robberies, several head offices and administrative institutions have equipped their sites with video protection systems these past few years. However, without a live supervision provided by a video operator, this kind of installation fails to anticipate and prevent the slightest risk…

Protéger les biens de son entreprise


GO'IA® Risk Management

GO’IA® Risk Management, the smart software for goods and people protection

GO’IA® Risk Management is an intelligent software that automatically detect abnormal situations thanks to artificial intelligence: perimeter intrusions, incivilities, suspicious immobilized positions and distress signals such as hands up. Improve your responsiveness thanks to instantaneous alerts reporting and live verification ability to lift any doubts.

How to control people and vehicle flows in your company?

Managing the continuous flow of people (employees, visitors, providers…) entering and leaving your establishment highly reduces intrusion risk, and consequently theft and burglary risks that your business premises may be exposed.

Contrôler et maîtriser les flux de personnes et de véhicules


GO'IA® Filtering pour gérer les flux d'individus

GO’IA® Filtering, the smart software for people flows management

GO’IA® Filtering is an intelligent video software for live and proofread detection of people flows. Featuring AI, it provides an accelerated and more reliable video processing in order to improve your office security. This software is a real decision-making support tool, which significantly improve your establishment security thanks to predefined people lists (VIP, watchlist, blacklist, whitelist).

Pryncar Sensor, the access control solution for vehicles

CThe Automatic Plate Number Recognition Reading (ANPR) of Pryncar Sensor grants you the ability to control and streamline vehicles entering or leaving your car park. This hardware and software solution automates license plates reading in order to allow or not the vehicle access to your company’s offices.

Pryncar Sensor

How to efficiently supervise your security system?

TEvery professional who has already installed a security system will need to control it smoothly and efficiently. With the centralized management of your security system, you can greatly gain on agility.

Piloter son système de sécurité


Digipryn® Hardware

Digipryn®, much more than a just a video recorder

Digipryn® is a multi-brand video cameras NVR available as a hardware or software solution. It offers up to a 4K definition video recording, and a 100 cameras multi-vision. Thanks to its numerous smart functions and options, it provides great image processing possibilities.

Prynpad, the business pad

Prynpad is the complementary tool for Digipryn® which allows to manage your business in full mobility. Materialized as a tablet, Prynpad offers the ability to display cameras’ stream, to broadcast instructions to staff, to provide real-time statistics, to handle incivilities and to alert in case of intrusion.

Prynpad pour accueil administration et bureaux tertiaires


Prynvision®, the limitless supervision

Prynvision is a software which allows to centralize and manage all your security devices from a unique interface. Thus, you have a 24/7 control of your cameras, recorders, alarms, park statements, hard drives and networks on each of your sites, even if they are spread all around the world.