Mass retailing

Solutions vidéo pour grandes surfaces commerciales GSS ou GSA

Since several years from now, we observe changes in the mass retailing sector, trying to reinvent itself. Most of the brands aim to improve its customer experience in order to seduce new consumers fond of experience, quality and proximity.

Pryntec offers innovative video solutions for mass retailing in order to improve smart data collection and understand its purpose.

Discover a new vision of your environment, increase your establishment security, improve your attractiveness and optimize your operational processes thanks to our intelligent video systems.

How to guarantee goods and assets security?

Several billion euros… That amount represents the shortfall caused each year by shrinkage on the mass retailing sector.

Pryntec offers a wide range of smart and interactive video solutions to fight and deter thefts and frauds. Discover our technologies made to see without being seen and that enable to no longer miss any details.

Garantir la sécurité des biens et de ses actifs


TUB Camera®

TUB camera®, video surveillance without any blind spot designed for superstores

Designed for discreet tracking, TUB Camera® is easily integrable in any architecture thanks to its ONVIF profile and its mirror effect film which makes its lens invisible. Mounted on a rail, the video camera moves silently along the entire length of your commercial surface at a speed of 7m/sec. Visualize each shelf without any blind spot thanks to its numerus robotic functions.

SpryntDome®, the high-precision security camera

Perfect for seeing without being seen thanks to its tinted dome that makes its lens invisible, Spryntdome® is a PTZ camera designed to chase. Equipped with a brushless motorization, this camera is also silent and precise in each of its movements. Enjoy a 360° vision, a Full HD image quality, and its 60fps. Complete your security system with Spryntdome® thanks to its ONVIF S profile.

caméra de vidéo surveillance Spryntdome®

Neopad 2

Neopad 2, the live and replay control console

Control your TUB Camera® and Spryntdome® cameras with the Neopad 2 operating console. This ergonomic controller is easy to handle and optimizes all your cameras’ features.

GOIA® Risk Management, to detect any perimeter intrusion attempts

GO’IA® Risk Management is a smart software that detects any area intrusion attempts on the perimeter of your establishment, according to applied schedules and real time alerts. Thanks to vehicles, faces, heads and skeleton recognitions by artificial intelligence, detections from your video stream are more reliable, which drastically reduce the risk of false positives.

GO’IA® Risk Management

How to ensure people safety in your superstore?

Preventing risks is part of professionals’ daily life in the mass retailing sector. Moreover, in order to protect exposed staff and customers, it is now essential to provide efficient and reliable equipment that will enable immediate and effective alerts. Pryntec has developed smart and interactive products in order to improve people safety in superstores, megastore and supermarkets.

Sécurité des personnes


GO’IA® Risk Management détecte et alerte en cas de situation anormale

GO’IA® Risk Management, to be immediately alerted in case of abnormal situations

GO’IA® Risk Management analyzes situations and alerts in case of abnormalities or distress signals detected: incivilities, hands up, man down, faints, etc.

Prynpad, the mobile panic button

PPrynpad is a mobile monitor which allows either to supervise your business, with counting statistics and instruction broadcasting, or to protect your staff. This touchpad solution has a panic button in order to report alerts in case of distress situations.

Prynpad le moniteur mobile avec panic button

Tablette contrôle port du masque de protection

Face mask wearing control solution

Avoid that people’s health become a surveillance constraint with no added value for your staff: set up autonomous face mask wearing control checkpoints in your store. This plug & play and all-in-one solution will visually and vocally guide your customers before delivering an instant result.

How to maximize your turnover and to enhance customer experience?

A good purchasing experience quality often leads to maximize customers’ loyalty. It can be achieved by reducing waiting time to checkout, optimizing customer path, displaying media targeted customers’ profiles, etc.

Pryntec offers intelligent solutions to generate smart data in order to know your customers better, to optimize your merchandising and to monetize new advertising spaces.

Augmenter et améliorer l'expérience client


GO’IA® Analytics, to analyze your customers’ profiles and merchandising

GO’IA® Analytics is a smart software which allows to lead quantitative and qualitative studies among people and vehicle flows, or among your establishment architectures. Heatzones, directional counting, consumers’ profile analysis and classification… Thanks to GO’IA®, decrypt their purchasing behaviors, display products according to their profiles and optimize your resources during busy periods.

GO’IA® Analytics pour compter les visiteurs


Prynplay, to monetize new advertising spaces and maximize the turnover

Prynplay is a multimode display solution for security and communication purposes. Choose the type of media and display it on the monitor alternating advertising contents and video surveillance stream.

Customized developments

Are you wiling to automate an operational or organizational process in order to save time and enhance your turnover? Our Research & Development center is able to develop the customized intelligent video solution that will meet your specific needs!

Développements sur-mesure pour professionnels de la grande distribution

How to efficiently supervise and control your security system?

Due to their size, mass retailing shops require a consequent security system and a multitude of information that need to be processed at the same time. To guarantee an efficient surveillance, operators must be flexible in order to efficiently supervise and control the entire security system.

Pryntec offers centralized management video solutions with the aim of handling your fleet in total agility.

Superviser et contrôler son système de sécurité



Digipryn®, the NVR with many options

Digipryn® is a recorder which allows to record video stream up to 100 cameras from any brands. Its user-friendly interface also provides numerus options such as Heatzones to analyze interest points in your commercial surface, Prynline to be alerted in case of long queues, Prynplay to efficiently protect your staff…

Prynpocket®, your video surveillance stream on smartphone

Prynpocket® is a solution to view live and replay feeds of your security cameras. You can also receive instant alerts on your mobile in case of problem.



Prynvision®, the multi-site supervisor

Prynvision® is a software conceived to supervise your entire security system from a single and intuitive interface, regardless the size of your installation. Manage 24/7 all your cameras, NVR, alarms, system status, hard drives or networks of your different sites and exploit statistics to improve your performance.

GO’IA® Investigation, the independent software to process video images

GO’IA® Investigation is an intelligent software which works independently of your existing security system. It offers the ability to import videos in order to blur and unblur elements of interest in few clicks. This solution is the perfect tool for GDPR compliance and to provide anonymized video if requested by a visitor. 

GO’IA® Investigation pour mener l'enquête et retrouver des individus