GO’IA® Investigation

The intelligent and independent software to run a posteriori analysis

GO’IA® Investigation is an independent software which operates in parallel of your existing security system. Thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated, this software constitutes the perfect assistant to analyze and process videos afterwards. Easy to use, you only need to import your videos in AVI, MP4 or MKV format to start processing.

Developed in France in our Research and Development laboratory, GO’IA® Investigation is a complete software featuring many functions:

  • Interest: automatically detect, analyze and index items of interest in the video such as people, heads, faces, skeletons, vehicles, objects, license plates…d’immatriculation.
  • Blurring: Blur or unblur video elements on demand in order to meet GDPR requirements for example.
  • Post LAPI: quickly find a footage related to a complete or partial number plate.
  • Statistics: generate statistics on the elements detected, compile them into filterable, editable and extractable databases in order to analyze data.


Product features

Independent software

GO’IA® Investigation operates in parallel of your existing security system without disturbing your architecture. This software can be installed on desktop, laptop or virtual machine.

Standard video format

GO’IA® Investigation provides video analysis from standard market video formats such as AVI, MP4 or MKV.

Time saver

Simply import your videos into this software to launch GO’IA® Investigation processing. The sequences of interest are then merged into a video summary. In this way, you can focus only on the essential without having to watch long hours of recording.


To meet specific needs, our French Research and Development center can develop a customized intelligent solution in compliance with all your expectations.

Scope of application

  • Any establishment receiving people and having to comply with GDPR standards
  • Law enforcement
  • Study Institutes

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