GO’IA® Risk Management

The software to enhance goods and people protection

GO’IA® Risk Management is a software which detects abnormal situations thanks to artificial intelligence. When an anomaly is detected in the live video stream of your surveillance system, GO’IA® Risk Management instantly reports alerts in order to increase your responsiveness against risky situations.

  • Goods security: GO’IA® Risk Management qualifies and provides real-time alerts when rules are not respected: perimeter intrusions by individuals and/or vehicles, entry through forbidden accesses, illegal parking, area crossing, etc.
  • People security: GO’IA® Risk Management identifies and alerts when detecting threatening attitudes or distress signals: verticality loss, suspicious immobility, incivilities, etc. It acts like a panic button with the aim of increasing your responsiveness.


Product features

Made in France

GO’IA® Risk Management has been developed in France in our own Research and Development center.


Thanks to the artificial intelligence, GO’IA® Risk Management detections are more reliable and considerably reduce the risk of false alarms.

Live Hits

GO’IA® Risk Management reports real-time alerts in order to improve your responsiveness: you can therefore proceed to an immediate doubt removal or rapidly take action in case of abnormal situations.


Designed by our engineers in our R&D laboratory, Pryntec offers customized video solution development in order to set up specific detections adapted to your business.

Scope of application

            – People protection in establishment: LWM (Lone Worker Monitoring), robbery, terrorist threat, forbidden areas, dangerous zones, etc.

            – Goods protection against robbery

  • Access protection of establishments
  • Goods protection against robbery
  • People protection: LWM (Lone Worker Monitoring), robbery, terrorist threat, forbidden areas, dangerous zones, etc.

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