Data Centers

Solutions vidéo intelligentes pour les data centers

Recently, data centers have multiplied to ensure ever-increasing data storage. One of the main challenges for data centers is the need to secure their assets from both virtual and physical threats. Especially since the increased amount of data stored and the high value of the hardware stored.

Pryntec provides intelligent and agile video protection solutions that enables to increase precision, reactiveness and early detection.

Gow to secure your data center accesses?

Guaranteeing the integrity and security of stored data is one of the main challenges for data centers. Indeed, an intrusion can have serious consequences in material terms, but also on the image of your data center.

Pryntec offers a range of intelligent software to prevent malicious acts or intrusion attempts around or within your data center.

Sécuriser les biens et les personnes


GOIA Risk Management détection d'intrusion

GO’IA® Risk Management, the intelligent intrusion detection

GO’IA® Risk Management is a software that detects any intrusion attempt by artificial intelligence. It alerts in real time in case of individuals or vehicles detected in an area, or according to a schedules. Capable of distinguishing a human from an animal, the software considerably reduces false positives.

Unik 3D, for an optimal access control

Thanks to a 98% reliability rate, Unik 3D ensures a reinforced access control to your most confidential spaces. This unique presence controller performs a three-dimensional analysis of the volume to be secured in order to validate the presence of a single individual in the airlock before authorizing the entrance.

Unik 3D détection d'unicité de présence

Pryncar Sensor pour contrôler les flux de véhicule

Pryncar Sensor, to manage vehicles flow in your data center

Pryncar Sensor is a sensor that works with or without context camera and operates the automatic number plates recognition. Thanks to predefined lists and its centralized management, our solution automates or not the lifting of barriers, retractable bollards, etc. when a vehicle presents itself at the entrance of your establishment or parking lot.

How to make the most of your data center monitoring?

The supervision of a sensitive site requires precision in image analysis. Indeed, if a potential threat is identified in time, it considerably increases the chances of protecting your data center from any material damage.

Choose high definition video protection solutions and a centralized management of your security system to enhance your reactiveness.

Superviser son système de sécurité en toute tranquillité


caméra de vidéo surveillance haute précision Spryntdome

Spryntdome®, a precision PTZ camera

Spryntdome® ensures unprecedented accuracy in video protection for your data center with a x30 optical zoom that is especially effective in video doubt removal situations. This 360° motorized dome is easy to control and transmits video images up to UHD and 60 fps.

Digipryn® Software, the multi-brand video recorder

Digipryn® Software manages all the different streams of your multi-brand video cameras with a great flexibility of use thanks to an intuitive interface. Exploit the full potential of your security system with virtual joysticks to control your cameras, zoom, presets, replays…

Digipryn® Software pour enregistrer, voir et revoir le flux vidéo des caméras

Supervision centralisée avec Prynvision

Prynvision®, the multi-site supervision

Manage all your security systems from a single interface with Prynvision®. Easily centralize all your video streams regardless of the size of your installation and wherever your cameras are located in the world. This supervisor ensures a 24/7 supervision and alert reporting for all your data centers linked to Digipryn®.

Prynpocket®, your video stream always with you !

Prynpocket® is a video solution that meets your mobility needs. It allows to view the video stream of your Digipryn® on Smartphone or tablet from a simple internet connection.

Prynpocket, l'application mobile pour visualiser ses caméras de surveillance

Développement d'une solution vidéo sur-mesure

Customized develoments of your video solution

In order to support our customers towards performance and satisfaction, we offer a customized development service. You have a specific need and no video solution on the market meets your expectations? Contact us to discuss your project, our sales and R&D teams are ready to create your customized video solution with artificial intelligence integrated!