Carpool lanes : 3 good reasons to choose Pryntec sensors

In order to control carpool lanes, Grenoble and Lyon have already adopted the Pryntec sensor, why not you?

Discover the Mobile Video Terminal S Repositionable and free yourself from the constraints of traditional video protection !

The Mobile Video Terminal S is a video protection solution that combines simplicity with efficiency! Easy to install and totally mobile, it frees you from the constraints of traditional video protection!

Pryntec is committed to optimize customer satisfaction!

Support client Pryntec

To optimize our customers' satisfaction, Pryntec deploys a direct line dedicated to customer support. Our teams are committed to answer you as soon as possible in order to solve any urgent situation.

Development of a customized video solution, 3 questions before you start

développements sur-mesure 3 questions

Done with video surveillance installations just to see. Today you want to automate image analysis because standardization does not meet your challenges. Here are 3 questions before you start ...

Mobile Video Terminal S awarded category “Eco-designed product”

Trophée Eco-Innovez, BVMS éco-conçue

Thanks to the partnership between Pryntec and the CETIM, the Mobile Video Terminal S received the Eco-Innovez Trophy in the category "Eco-designed product". Discover the Success Story of our Mobile Video Terminal S...

GO’IA Analytics, the counting solution

GO'IA solution de comptage pour conformité capacité d'accueil maximale

Discover GO'IA Analytics, the people counting solution to ensure that establishments receiving visitors are in compliance with their maximum capacity.

Pryncar, the contactless access control solution

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to implement new measures to maintain their activity while complying with government regulations. Discover Pryncar, our contactless access control solution.

What are the advantages of Pryntec’s ANPR solutions?

avantages solutions LAPI Pryntec

Pryntec's Pryncar range is one of the most powerful ANPR solutions on the market! Discover all the advantages of our ANPR sensors...

Pryntec remains mobilized during this second lockdown

Pryntec se mobilise pendant le second confinement

Yesterday, the French President announced a new national lockdown allowing some companies to pursue their activities. In order to support our customers, Pryntec is remaining operational and is mobilizing its teams.

How does an ANPR sensor work?

Fonctionnement d'un capteur LAPI

Find out how our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sensors generate statistics and Smart Data in 5 steps...

The BVMS, an eco-designed security camera

BVMS eco-designed

In order to improve our environmental and social impact, Pryntec is committed to a CSR policy. It is in this context that we have developed an innovative and eco-designed mobile video surveillance camera: the BVMS.

What are the applications of an ANPR solution?

à quoi sert la gamme Pryncar

Concretely, the ANPR is used to identify a vehicle by visual recognition of its license plate. Pryntec has developed a complete range of ANPR solutions called Pryncar: fixed, nomadic, embedded or for mobile phone. But what are the applications of such solutions?