Published on 23 June 2022

Our solutions for transportation and mobility

In a context of growing urbanization, citizens are moving around more and more and their needs are increasingly varied. In this sense, the players in urban life all have a role to play in transforming mobility. Pryntec offers intelligent and Smart Data generating video solutions to assess your environment. Discover our solutions for transportation and mobility.

Ensure user safety and traffic flow

The Pryncar Sensor range, equipped with ANPR sensors (Automatic Number Plate Reading) can be used for security purposes but also for traffic management.

It can be used as part of an on-board system, in public transport or in law enforcement vehicles. But it can also be in a nomadic or fixed format.

The sensors ensure a detection rate of over 99%. Their accuracy allows a detection even at high speed and up to 25m distance.

Connected to a software, this solution can be used to improve traffic flow. But also to manage reserved accesses or to generate smart data in order to analyze traffic.

Video to encourage sustainable mobility

Transportation is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for air pollution. To fight against it, there is only one solution: reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. All this while maintaining the same number of people being transported.
Some cities have already set up carpooling lanes in order to fight against auto-soloing.

To monitor these lanes, Pryntec has developed a solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles. This all-in-one totem detects vehicles and their license plates, counts front and rear passengers, and analyzes and transmits the information.

This solution is totally customized. It can also be used to control carpooling parking lots or to count at toll booths for example.

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