Published on 5 July 2022

How to choose the right ANPR solution?

An Automatic Numer Plate Reading (ANPR) solution offers many advantages to guarantee the safety of users or to control access. How to choose the right ANPR solution? We tell you everything!

The ANPR: what is it for?

The role of an ANPR solution, coupled with GO’AI software, is to generate smart data, i.e. data directly analyzed at the source. This data will then allow decisions to be made quickly as it is processed and analyzed immediately.

In this sense, the ANPR can be used for 3 main purposes:

  • Access control: private or public parking lots, tolls, gas stations…
  • Traffic management and road safety: traffic statistics, traffic regulation, travel time calculation…
  • For law enforcement agencies: fight against fraud, border crossing, search for stolen vehicles…

Why choose a Pryntec ANPR solution?

With a detection rate of over 99%, Pryntec’s ANPR sensors offer high performance:

  • Available with or without background camera,
  • Works day and night thanks to the integrated infrared,
  • In any weather,
  • From 0 to 220km/h,
  • In both directions of traffic.

By choosing Pryntec, you will have the guarantee of a solution developed and designed in France, entirely customized to your needs.

💡 Good to know: All our solutions are compliant with GDPR regulations.

The different ANPR solutions

Pryntec has developed and designed the Pryncar range and its variations:

  • Pryncar Sensor is a software and hardware solution that guarantees optimal efficiency in terms of vehicle flow control. Its use is recommended for tolls, gas stations, expressways, etc.

  • Pryncar Nomad Sensor is the mobile version of automatic license plate reading. This solution is equipped with a tripod in order to be deployed anywhere, day or night. It can be used by law enforcement agencies, for example.

  • Pryncar Embedded Solution is, as its name suggests, an LAPI solution directly integrated into a vehicle. It offers a 360° vision and is custom-made to match the vehicle’s ergonomics.

  •  Pryncar Smartphone allows you to control your ANPR sensor(s) in a discreet way. It guarantees you a license plate reading at your fingertips.