Published on 16 November 2021

How Pryntec is revolutionizing mobility?

In France, transportation is the first source of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for air pollution. To mitigate this pollution, more and more intelligent transportation systems are being developed. Intelligent transport systems aim to decongest road traffic and reduce the number of vehicles on our roads while guaranteeing the safety of users.

In this sense, Pryntec tries to answer the new challenges of mobility with innovative and intelligent video solutions.

Revolutionizing mobility with carpooling

In regular service in Grenoble and Lyon, the Pryntec solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles was designed to control carpooling lanes.

This all-in-one carpooling totem detects vehicles and their license plates, counts front and rear passengers, and analyzes and transmits the information.

It is effective in all weather conditions, whether traffic is free-flowing or congested and up to 130km/h. It is also GDPR compliant.

The Pryntec carpooling solution is fully customizable and can be used for:

  • Control lanes or parking reserved for carpooling,
  • Counting at tolls, borders, etc,
  • Generate smart data and statistics to analyze travel time.

Revolutionizing mobility with ANPR sensors

The Pryncar range, equipped with ANPR sensors, allows a real time reading of license plates, day and night. Its uses are variable and entirely customized.

With or without a context camera, ANPR sensors are particularly suitable for :

  • Access control
  • Parking lot management
  • Gas station surveillance, etc.

It is also possible to integrate it directly into a vehicle, especially in the case of law enforcement.

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