Published on 15 September 2021

The Use of Video for Mobility

In a context of growing urbanization, citizens and professionals are moving around more and more, and their needs are increasingly varied. To meet this demand for multimodal mobility with flexibility, the actors of urban life all have a role to play in order to transform mobility.
Pryntec accompanies this process with video solutions for mobility.

Video surveillance to secure mobility

To optimize security, Pryntec offers on-board video surveillance systems particularly adapted to public transportation and law enforcement vehicles.

Embedded cameras in vehicles

Thanks to its customized know-how, Pryntec is able to install onboard cameras for cars, buses, etc. They are then directly connected to a Digipryn video recorder to consult lives, replays and GPS information of the vehicle remotely. It is possible to complete the solution with LAPI sensors.

Abnormal situations detection by Artificial Intelligence

The GO’IA Risk Management software allows the detection of abnormal situations by artificial intelligence : warning against traffic, patroller security alert. In case of problem, an alert is automatically sent to help a quick reaction.

Video surveillance to reduce pollution

Development of carpool lanes

Ecology and the environment are at the heart of the concerns of many cities. It is in this context that a first carpooling lane opended in Lyon, and a second one in Grenoble.
To accompany the development of carpooling lanes, Pryntec has developed a solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles. This carpooling radar makes it possible to control the proper use of the lanes via educational messages broadcasted on variable message signs.
Today, the 24 km of carpool lanes in France are controlled by the Pryntec solution, the only solution put into service and validated by Cerema to date.

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