Our certifications

An organized quality approach

Concerned to satisfy its customers in the best positive way, Pryntec has set up a quality approach to manage and improve its products and services provided. Pryntec has chosen the ISO 9001 certification for its national and international reputation and a continuous improvement approach.

This quality management standard is based on a certain number of principles, such as customer satisfaction focus, executive motivation and involvement and continuous improvement approach.

Moreover this certification allows us to act positively on innovation, to encourage teamwork, and to improve our productivity. That’s why, each process applies and pursues performance indicators.

ISO 9001

A CNPP certified recorder

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) protects personal data entrusted by a citizen to an organization.

Video surveillance, as an automatic process dealing with personal data, has to adopt GDPR’s principles. Among them, the organization is committed to protect entrusted data from non-authorized accesses, malicious acts or inappropriate erasures.

For its compliance with the technical order of 3rd August 2007 and its robustness towards cyberattacks, the NVR Digipryn® has been CNPP certified.

Interoperable solutions for easy integration in customers’ ecosystem

Pryntec systems offer specialized solutions to answer customers’ needs and specificities.

Aware that solutions are integrated into existing systems’ facilities, Pryntec relies on industry standards to be interfaced with its customers’ ecosystem. Therefore, Pryntec provides ONVIF certified products.

Thanks to this compliance, some products are also certified by: Genetec, Milestone (in progress)…