Published on 29 September 2020

Discover all about the Pryntec ONVIF cameras’ performances

Many professionals have installed a security system to protect their business: surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, video recorders … Various and complementary solutions exist to ensure an optimal protection. With technologies in constant evolution, many professionals choose to renew all or only a part of their park to get the latest innovations.

In order to be equipped with the best technology, Pryntec makes you discover its ONVIF video cameras that interface and communicate with existing equipment.

What is an ONVIF camera?

Each manufacturer of security solutions develops its own communication protocol to link its IP equipment. Therefore, it is difficult to make products from different brands communicate with each other.

To overcome this obstacle, Axis, Bosch and Sony developed the ONVIF protocol (Open Network Video Interface Forem) in 2008. This protocol establishes common communication rules for the different brands.  Thus, this protocol allows communication between different IP video surveillance equipment such as CCTV cameras, NVRs, alarms, etc.

What are the advantages of an ONVIF camera?

We know that the ONVIF protocol is based on three main characteristics:

  • Communication standardization between networked video devices
  • Interoperability of IP video solutions from different manufacturers
  • Accessibility of the standard to any company or organization

Thus, the main advantages of the standard are to allow end customers to:

  • Purchase security solutions from different brands
  • Replace safety equipment over time and at different times.

Discover Pryntec’s ONVIF surveillance cameras

Spryntdome®, a high precision PTZ

Discover all about the performance of this PTZ camera designed to discreetly track and chase thanks to its silent brushless motorization and its smoked dome.

TUB Camera®, to not miss any details

Iconic product of Pryntec, this robotized shuttle moves at high speed (7m/s) inside a tube without any length limit! Entirely robotized (site, azimuth, zoom and translation), it is the assurance of a camera without any blind spot, even on large spaces.

Mobile Video Terminal S, video protection where you want and when you want it

Mobile, nomadic and plug & play, this surveillance camera can be installed on public lighting in less than 45 minutes and without civil engineering! Ideal to modulate your park or to monitor points of interest in a punctual way.

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