Our CSR policy

Pryntec commitments

Pryntec is committed to a CSR policy. Besides improving our environmental and social impact, we also improve the global functioning of the company to make Pryntec more effective and agile.


Our social commitments

  • Encourage and incite partners to adopt our values, to act and lead an active contribution.
  • Raise employees’ awareness among social issues, and change behaviors
  • Promote skills development
  • Guarantee a stimulating environment, open-minded and respectful of labor rules and standards
  • Ensure, respect and enhance diversity, equal opportunities and the access to knowledge and culture
  • Accomplish our missions with ethic, loyalty and integrity
  • Implement and promote professional commitments
  • Get involved in and contribute to local development with solidarity
  • As part of our CSR policy, we have evaluated the index of professional gender equality. Due to the company size and the staffing structure, this index is incalculable. Nevertheless, we are involved in a fair treatment approach of our employees.

Our environmental goals

  • Reduce our ecological footprint and our CO2 emissions
  • Develop and design cleaner and more respectful video solutions for the environment 
  • Recycle 100% of our waste papers
  • Recycle and valorize our waste at the most
  • Promote local distribution channels: about 80% of our products are sourced within less than 300 km
  • Support universal access to culture, by the Dijon Opera sponsorship
  • Promote the access to professional trainings for all employees
  • Help to promote circular economy experiences, reuse of garbage and fighting against waste of resources. For example, Vitis Valorem was incubated by TEB group to avoid burning vine stems with its recycling.
  • Reduce by 30% our global energetic consumption between 2010 and 2020
  • Develop educational projects by setting up partnerships with schools
  • Develop more products like Mobile Video Terminal S following eco-conception standards