Published on 23 October 2020

The BVMS, an eco-designed security camera

In order to improve our environmental and social impact, Pryntec is committed to a CSR policy. It also aims to improve the overall functioning of the company to be more agile and efficient. It is in this context that we have developed an innovative, mobile and eco-designed video surveillance solution: the Mobile Video Terminal S (BVMS).

Discover the eco-design path of the Mobile Video Terminal S…

Motivations for implementing an eco-design approach

Pryntec is a French SME which evolves on a globalized and very competitive market. For us, standing out from the competition with a more ecological approach of our products is a strong argument, in line with our values, especially in markets more attentive to environmental issues.

Partners involved in our eco-design approach

Pryntec was supported by the CETIM (Technical Center of Mechanical Industries) to train and design a technical evaluation report on the new eco-designed Mobile Video Terminal S.

We also solicited suppliers of components whose origin and production methods correspond to the eco-design criteria.

Finally, the ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition) provided us with support.

Eco-design methodology

We followed the method of the NF E 01-005 standard. The latter aims to reduce the environmental impact in the design and development of the Mobile Video Terminal S. Here are the environmental improvements that we have identified and achieved:

  • Packaging: box reusables by the customer
  • Raw materials: reduction of the product mass and number of electronic components
  • Use: lower impact of the batteries with LiFePo4 technology, modulate the functionalities to reduce the number of batteries, reduce energy consumption
  • End of life: use of recyclable materials

The benefits of eco-design on the Mobile Video Terminal S 

The Mobile Video Terminal S is the little sister of the Mobile Video Terminal. Thanks to the application of eco-design processes in this new product, we have obtained many benefits:

  • -70% of reduction in the number of components (from 157 to 48)
  • -60% on the product mass and packaging (from 31.6kg to 12kg)
  • Increase in the recyclability rate (from 47.9% to 54.8%)
  • Sustainable packaging for the entire lifecycle of the Mobile Video Terminal S

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