Published on 19 January 2021

Development of a customized video solution, 3 questions before you start

Done with video surveillance installations just to see. Today you want to automate image analysis: intrusion, suspicious behaviors, quality controls, flow of people or vehicles, etc.

Whatever your need is, it requires a video image processing solution specially designed to assist you in the application of your business in order to reduce costs or increase the security of your organization.

Because standardization does not meet your challenges, customized video solution is your target. Here are 3 questions before you start:

In which cases should you go for a customized video solution?

  • You are a professional in public or private sectors
  • You have a problem that no existing video solutions can solve
  • You need to expand the operating conditions of your fleet

Then yes, you need a video solution with customized algorithms and design.

What are the benefits of a customized video processing solution?

The aim of a video processing solution is to extract and transmit relevant information from video surveillance, on the live stream or in replay, and in an automated way.

It will therefore bring operational efficiency to your organization while helping to optimize your time and your ROI.

Why choose Pryntec to create a new image analysis solution?

For over 40 years, we have been using our R&D know-how to support our customers in the development of new technologies for live or replay video image analysis and the creation of customized video processing solution.

As a software publisher and hardware manufacturer, we design your customized solutions:

  • In France and with technologies that we master
  • Reliable thanks to experimentation and field feedback
  • GDPR compliant with customer follow-up and advices

Beyond our technological expertise, Pryntec gives an equally important part to human support in any project. The effectiveness of our video analytics solutions relies as much in understanding your needs as in the implementation and support for the use of your solution.

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