Published on 1 October 2020

Pryntec and APRR open the first carpool lane in France

On the highway A48 and for 8 km between the Voreppe toll station and the 148/RN481 junction, the first carpool lane in France has opened. Resulting from the partnership between APRR and Pryntec, let’s discover how it works and everything that has been said during the press conference on September 30, 2020.

An experimental phase on the A6

It all began with the desire to combine the know-how of two industrials from Burgundy: Pryntec, the video analysis solutions manufacturer and editor; and APRR, the colossus European highway network operator.

After an experimental phase ran on the A6 in Macon’s area, the solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles has proved its worth in real conditions:

  • Difficult weather conditions
  • Fluid or congested traffic
  • Stopped or at high-speed
  • All kind of vehicle formats

Thus, despite some surprises like: sun visors, hats, caps, glasses, masks, cars tinted glasses, broken windshields…

A technological achievement

The solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles has been custom-developed by Pryntec. We have combined several technologies in a totem that can be installed on the median:

  • ANPR sensors
  • Deep learning algorithms to increase reliability over time
  • And other manufacturing secrets that we cannot be revealed!

A necessary pedagogy

To materialize this new carpool lane, a sign has appeared in France. It is a white diamond on a blue or black background. It will be displayed on the luminous panels of the left lane when the system is activated.

Once activated, the reserved lane is open to all vehicles containing two or more people, cabs with or without customers and to vehicles with a Crit’Air Zero emission sticker (100% electric or hydrogen).

For 6 months, the APRR Group will not carry out any fines to give users time to acknowledge this new system. After this period, controls will be carried out by the police, the only ones authorized to issue tickets to users.

But why a carpool lane?

APRR is committed to a sustainable mobility development in order to contribute to the energy transition and fight against climate change. This carpooling system will reduce car “soloing” (being alone in a vehicle), reduce traffic impact on the environment, limit the costs of mobility by sharing them and limit congestion.

Photo credit: Maël Vallat.

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