Published on 15 September 2020

Pryntec has developed a solution to count the number of people in vehicles

Pryntec has developed a solution that automatically count the number of people in vehicles. It is an all-in-one solution that can be installed along the road in order to count, centralize and transmit the required information.

Discover this project conceived to enhance smart mobility and reduce transportation ecological footprint.

A project dedicated to carpooling

Reducing traffic congestion, lowering gas emissions, reducing travel time and noise pollution… These are the ecological and economic challenges faced by most cities.

In response, several countries such as the USA, Canada, Austria, Norway, etc. have already set up a carpooling dedicated lane. These latter have already proven their usefulness to:

  • Improve traffic fluidity: reduce transport time, enhance delivery times, decrease noise pollution and stress for local residents.
  • Reduce CO² emissions: to improve air quality and avoid pollution peaks.

A customized development

For a successful implementation of carpooling lanes, two actions are necessary:

  • Being able to verify that vehicles using the carpool lane are authorized (counting)
  • Making drivers aware of its proper use (pedagogy)

Thanks to our technological know-how incubated in our own Research and Development center, Pryntec has taken up this challenge and has developed a customized solution for APRR.

The solution for counting the number of people in vehicles has been tested in real conditions on the French motorway (A6) from 2019 to 2020. It is currently being tested in Grenoble, before being deployed in September 2020, when the first carpool lane will be launched in France.

A non-intrusive counting solution

This solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles is materialized by totem pole in which specific sensors and Artificial Intelligence for image analysis are integrated.

Non-intrusive, this system guarantees operational efficiency. It counts at the front and at the rear, in good weather as well as in rain, centralizes and informs motorists via educational messages displayed on a light panel in order to make drivers aware that they are on a carpool lane. Finally, it guarantees the confidentiality of personal data (in compliance with GDPR regulation).

Une global solution for many purposes

Our solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles can be combined with other technologies to look beyond carpooling:

  • Computer-Assisted Vehicle Video Monitoring (CVM) for unauthorized vehicles
  • Analysis of future or existing developments to generate smart data and statistics
  • Border controls

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