Published on 29 October 2020

Pryntec remains mobilized during this second lockdown

Yesterday, the French President announced a new national lockdown allowing some companies to pursue their activities. This exceptional measure aimed at restraining the virulent epidemic wave of Covid-19 which is raging around the world.

In order to support our customers, Pryntec is remaining operational and is mobilizing its teams.

All our services are mobilized

In order to continue supporting all our customers on best conditions, our teams remain mobilized. For you; banks, industrials, local authorities, etc. we organize ourselves in order to maintain the operational efficiency and the security of your organization.

In compliance with security rules

Because the continuity of your activity remains our priority, our teams continue to respect the sanitary measures in all circumstances. To support our customers, we are providing a privileged service during this exceptional situation that we are all going through.s tous.

Does your activity require special support?

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