Published on 10 January 2022

Secure your establishment with the TUB Camera!

Developed and designed in France over 40 years ago, we reveal all the advantages of the TUB Camera to secure your establishment!

What is the TUB Camera?

The TUB Camera is the iconic product of Pryntec! It is a robotic video camera shuttle running in a tubular structure made of aluminum and polyester.

This tube is covered with a mirror effect film in order to keep the camera invisible and to blend harmoniously in your establishment. In addition, it moves at a very high speed (7m/s) and silently to be able to hunt in all discretion.

Moreover, this solution is a real hunting tool and allows you to secure your establishment in a proactive way! You will be able to easily and quickly spot possible infringements and thus, act quickly. It offers you 100% visual coverage without blind spots and over a length determined according to your request.

According to Pryntec, the TUB Camera is the backbone of your video system. Easy to handle, the operator enters in total immersion and easily controls his camera with Neopad, the control console specially designed for optimal control of the TUB Camera.

The TUB Camera on the international scene!

Did you know that the TUB has gone beyond our borders? They chose to trust Pryntec’s French know-how by integrating the TUB Camera in their establishment.

establishment TUB Camera

From Brazil to Russia, through Germany, Poland and Kazakhstan, the TUB Camera secures many brands:

  • Leroy Merlin Russia, but also in Poland, Spain, Romania and Kazakhstan,
  • Castorama (Poland),
  • OBI (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic),
  • Globus (Germany, Russia, Czech Republic).

More than 1200 TUB Camera have been installed in the last 8 years outside France, which represents almost 100kms of structure.

Indeed, this solution is particularly adapted to large-scale distribution, logistics, but also to industrial sites, train stations and airports, or more generally, to large indoor spaces.

Pryntec guarantees its TUB Camera solution for 10 years. Finally, it is interoperable and can be easily integrated into your existing security system.

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