Published on 13 October 2020

Digipryn® has been updated, discover what has changed

Pryntec regularly updates its flagship products in a continuous improvement process. It is in this context that Digipryn®, our video recorder, has been updated on version 7.26a in June 2020 and evolves again in September 2020 with version 7.26b to stabilize the updates.

Discover the evolutions designed for a better user comfort.

Découvrez les évolutions conçues pour un meilleur confort utilisateur.

Digipryn®, the multi-brand video recorder

Digipryn® is a made in France NVR available in Hardware and Software solution. Its interface allows:

  • To see and review the video stream of your surveillance cameras whatever their brands.
  • To benefit from many functions: tracking, anti-sabotage, intrusion detection, crossing areas, flow analysis, etc..
  • And add options: heatzones, heatmaps, automatic license plate recognition, etc.

What has changed?

  • Replay of corridor format available for Prynvision/Prynpocket transmission
  • Unsubscribe to Prynpocket notifications: if you disable the reception of notifications from Prynpocket, the unsubscription is taken into account on Digipryn®
  • It is possible to choose the WEB browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) from the Onvif discovery window
  • On the 90 and 120 days modes, it is possible to shift 15 days with a right click instead of 1 day with the left click (for foreign markets)
  • Addition of a new type of camera: thermal camera
  • Updates of Prynview to optimize the playback of video exports.

Version 7.26b of Digipryn® is now available. Contact us to update your Digipryn® Hardware or your Digipryn® Software.