Published on 12 October 2021

Digipryn speeds up with its V8.00!

Digipryn, Pryntec’s flagship video recorder, is now available in version 8.00!

Digipryn®, the made in France NVR solution

Much more than a simple video recorder, the Digipryn NVR is an interoperable, multi-brand and multi-analysis solution.

Available in software or hardware version, Digipryn fits each professional’s needs, thanks to its numerous functions and options.

A very smooth V8.00

In order to maintain user comfort, Digipryn V8.00 has evolve smoothly. This version aims to modernize itself to better meet the demands of the market:

  • Officially available in Digipryn Software version
  • AI compatible platform (locally or via IP camera) to optimize image processing

💡 Good to know: Digipryn V6 will be supported until December 31st, 2021.

Contact us to order your Digipryn V8!

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