Published on 9 October 2020

Discover Pryncar, the ANPR range from Pryntec

Pryntec has developed Pryncar solutions, a complete range of ANPR sensors to match each use.

Developed in France and in several forms to meet your needs: fixed, nomadic, embedded or mobile, we also have the agility to pair your ANPR solution with our GO’IA software suite by a customized development proceeded by R&D team. Thus, you will be able to generate the smart data you need.

Discover one of the most efficient ANPR on the market with more than 99% detection rate!

Pryncar Sensor

Pryncar Sensor is a fixed ANPR solution that has a vision extended to 3 lanes, in both directions of traffic, that detects up to 25m, at all times and even at high speed up to 220km/h. 

Our solution has centralized management to import databases and compare license plates in real time. Capable of generating statistics and data, we also offer to enrich the ANPR experience by adding GO’IA’s artificial intelligence to detect and analyze what you need.

This solution is aimed to any professional looking for a system to generate statistics, control flows, regulate traffic or increase road safety.

Pryncar Nomad Sensor

Designed for law enforcement, this sensor takes all the performance of Pryncar Sensor to become nomadic. Easily transportable thanks to its suitcase, it also has a tripod and an autonomy of several hours to be installed on the side of the road to carry out controls.

Pryncar Smartphone

Is a ANPR solution for mobile. Its technology makes it capable of registering a whole series of license plates in just a few seconds. This solution has been designed for law enforcement to inspect particularly difficult locations.

Pryncar Embedded Solution

Directly integrated in vehicles, this solution is designed for law enforcement. Discreet, it is adapted to field constraints and allows centralized and simplified management thanks to its integrated touchpad. The solution compares in real time the read license plates in order to automatically cross-check them with databases.

But what are the applications of an ANPR solution?

How to choose the right ANPR solution?

An Automatic Numer Plate Reading (ANPR) solution offers many advantages to guarantee the safety of users or to control access. How to choose the right ANPR solution? We tell you everything!
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