Published on 19 October 2020

What are the applications of an ANPR solution?

An Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) solution is a system that analyzes, controls, centralizes and transmits information. Concretely, the ANPR is used to identify a vehicle by visual recognition of its license plate.

Pryntec has developed a complete range of ANPR solutions called Pryncar: fixed, nomadic, embedded or for mobile phone. But what are the applications of such solutions?

Access control

An ANPR solution can have several fields of application, including access control in a wide way, as soon as it is linked with an action or image analysis technologies:

  • Get statistics on visitors
  • Surveillance of private parking lots: to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a reserved parking lot
  • Surveillance of public parking lots: to automate the barriers’ opening within the free of charge period for example
  • Toll sections: to authorize the lifting of the barrier after payment and to reprimand fraud
  • Gas or car wash stations: to authorize fuel/wash dispensing after payment or to reprimand fraud
  • Drive: to prevent fraud and theft

Manage traffic and road safety

An ANPR solution can also play a role in traffic management or road safety, especially when the image is analyzed by GO’IA®, a software suite equipped with Artificial Intelligence:

  • Obtain statistics on the number of visitors in a city: for example, find out the rate of foreign vehicles, the seasonality, measure the attractiveness of a city or an event…
  • Calculates travel time to activate carpooling lane
  • Traffic control to operate alternate traffic and checkpoints
  • Vehicle in a forbidden or restricted area
  • Traffic jam information to decongest the area
  • Detection of vehicles in the wrong direction

Provide support to law enforcement

Law enforcement uses ANPR solutions to:

  • Fight against fraud in order to find a vehicle that committed a fraud in order to connect a plate to a motorist
  • Check border crossings to control the flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Search for stolen vehicles with real-time comparison to databases

How does an ANPR solution work?