Published on 26 October 2020

How does an ANPR sensor work?

Find out how our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sensors generate statistics and Smart Data in 5 steps…

Step 1: Importation 

The aim of an ANPR solution is to analyze, control, centralize and transmit the required information.

Our Pryncar range starts with an automatic database importation via CSV files, or by manually entering license plates into the system that manages blacklists or whitelists.  

Step 2: Comparison

Our ANPR sensors apply image processing techniques in order to perform optical character recognition. The latter are then compared with databases embedded in the solution in order to automate actions.

Step 3 : Action

  • Gate opening
  • Barrier lifting
  • Alert, notification
  • Fuel distribution
  • Etc.

Step 4: Management

Finally, the information are centralized and stored according to the legal deadline. The management interface provides data such as:

  • Number of plates read per day or month; to measure attendance for example
  • Access to video recordings if the Pryncar solution is used with a contextual camera

Step 5: Analysis

Pryntec has the agility and know-how to pair its Pryncar solutions with GO’IA video analytics software. Thus, according to your specifications, we create a customized solution capable of generating the smart data you need. Here are a few non-exhaustive examples:

  • Lane management dedicated to carpooling
  • Alternating traffic management
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Alert
  • Counter sense alert
  • Calculation of travel time
  • Categorization of uses: type of vehicles, number of people in the vehicle…

What are the advantages of Pryntec’s ANPR solutions?

How to choose the right ANPR solution?

An Automatic Numer Plate Reading (ANPR) solution offers many advantages to guarantee the safety of users or to control access. How to choose the right ANPR solution? We tell you everything!
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