Published on 2 November 2020

What are the advantages of Pryntec’s ANPR solutions?

Our Pryncar range offers some of the most powerful ANPR solutions on the market! Discover all the advantages of our ANPR solutions.

A detection rate higher than 99%

We have one of the highest detection rates on the market. This is due to the high performance of the technologies integrated in our sensor. Thus, our LAPI solutions work:

  • With or without context camera
  • Day and night thanks to integrated IR
  • Anytime thanks to IP 67 certification
  • At standstill or up to 220km/h
  • Whether the traffic is fluid or congested
  • In both directions of traffic
  • Up to 3 lanes of traffic
  • With European license plates, other countries on request

Generate Smart Data

Thanks to the know-how of our Research & Development center, we are able to design your customized video analytics solution by combining several GO’IA technologies to meet your needs.

GO’IA is a software suite with artificial intelligence capable of detecting and alerting in case of abnormal situations thanks to deep learning algorithms developed in France. Artificial Intelligence automate smart data generation to assist your decision-making processes.

Thus, you generate the smart data you need!

GO'IA detections and analysis

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How to choose the right ANPR solution?

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