Published on 9 November 2020

GO’IA Analytics, the counting solution

Since November 2, the French Government has issued Decree No. 2020-1331 prescribing the general measures necessary to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic as part of the state of health emergency. This decree aims to enforce social distancing in establishments receiving visitors. It is stated as follows:

  • To reserve for each clients a surface area of 4m².
  • Display the maximum capacity outside the establishment.

Pryntec assists establishments receiving visitors in their capacity’s compliance.

What about automating people counting?

If many businesses have chosen to count manually in first instance, the second step is to think about automating this task… Rethinking the customer experience, making sure that the number of visitors does not exceed the legal threshold set at 4m² per person on the residual sales area; can become a real headache for professionals.

That’s why Pryntec offers to discover GO’IA Analytics, a people counting solution with artificial intelligence.

GO’IA Analytics, the intelligent counting solution  

GO’IA Analytics is a software suite that has been developed in France within our own R&D center. Coupled with a a video surveillance system, this solution helps to measure and control the flow of people or vehicles, inside or outside your organization.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence placed at the heart of our solution, GO’IA anticipates the affluence and makes counting reliable in real time by:

  • Counting the number of occupants in a vehicle
  • Counting vehicles in parking lots
  • Counting people outside of your organization
  • Counting the number of people in your facility or in an area of your facility.

A decision support tool

GO’IA Analytics is an intelligent assistant designed to help companies in their decision making processes. Each data is recorded and classified to obtain visitors statistics or alerts in real time.

GO’IA Analytics answers your security challenges in a reliable and easy way.

Why automate people counting in your business?

Since the COVID 19 crisis, retailers have to convince customers to come back to the store when the number of people is limited, sometimes generating interminable queues in the parking lots, and it is no longer possible to touch the products.

To regain attractiveness, the digitalization of people counting is a solution as it helps to:

  • Be protected against any risk of closure or restrictions by law enforcement by being in compliance with the law.
  • Reassure the client by enforcing social distancing
  • Do not block employees on counting but rather assign them to value-added tasks
  • Have more resources on the sales area to connect with customers and create a VIP experience

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