Published on 9 November 2021

What is an intelligent transport system?

Intelligent transport and new technologies, definitions

According to Article L1513-1 of the Transport Code, “Intelligent transport systems are devices using computer and electronic communication technologies and implemented in the road transport sector and its interfaces with other modes of transport to improve traffic management, enhance the safety of road transport, increase its efficiency in terms of energy saving and reduce its environmental impact, and enable safer, better coordinated and more rational uses of transport networks.”

In addition, intelligent transport systems are an aid to mobility.

The purpose of intelligent transport

The aim of intelligent transport is to respond to the growing environmental and social problems, mainly caused by the increasing volume of road transport.

It is mandatory that these systems comply with national and European standards, including the rules on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Pryntec and intelligent transport

Because Pryntec is concerned about current environmental issues, we have developed a solution for counting the number of occupants in vehicles that aims to encourage carpooling.

Why carpooling ?

Implementing carpool lanes reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which in turn to reduce CO2 emissions caused by vehicles.

In addition, making transportation more intelligent by sharing the road has the advantage of relieving congestion on the roads. This will bring comfort to local residents and users.

The deployment of carpooling lanes in France

With this in mind, the metropolises of Lyon and Grenoble have set up a system of dedicated carpooling lanes. These lanes are activated when traffic is heavy.

They allow users who share their vehicle with at least 2 people to use them to avoid slowdowns.

Pryntec, carpooling actor

Today, all carpool lanes in France are controlled by the Pryntec solution. Designed as a totem pole, it is able to count the number of passengers in the vehicles, front and back, and to indicate if the vehicle is in violation.

With a false detection rate of less than 1%, Pryntec aspires to make the road a smarter, more shared place. 

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