Published on 4 December 2020

Mobile Video Terminal S awarded category “Eco-designed product”

Thanks to the partnership between Pryntec and the CETIM, the Mobile Video Terminal S received the Eco-Innovez Trophy in the category “Eco-designed product“. 

Discover the Success Story of our Mobile Video Terminal S

How eco-conception came to Pryntec?

Competitive sector

We operate in a highly competitive and globalized market. To stand out by a more ecological approach of our products is a strong argument for our customers and users, who are more attentive to environmental issues.

Customer request

The dimension of CSR policies is becoming increasingly important in calls for tenders. We felt it was important to emphasize eco-design, which is part of our values.

Corporate image

Pryntec is a brand concerned about the nowadays environmental issues.  Therefore, it is essential to develop our offer in this direction and to make eco-conception one of our core values.

Personal conviction

The respect and the preservation of our environment are a general concern of the company which our president, Stéphane Bidault, is the best ambassador.

What was the Mobile Video Terminal S’s eco-conception methodology?

1- Context

The first step is to define the context: what is the market demand? Why create an eco-designed product? Which organizations can support us in this project?

2- Inventory of the current product

The foundation of the project was to start from an existing product, the Mobile Video Terminal. We sifted out its environmental aspect, its impact by life cycle, the materials, its recyclability rate and analyzed the costs.

3- Brainstorming and competitors analysis

We have defined the ideal product according to Pryntec, then according to our customers and we have analyzed the competition and industry practices.

4- Objectives

This step consists in defining the tracks and the action plan resulting from the brainstorming, while defining the priority actions.

5- Schedule

The schedule is divided into 4 phases: pre-study, design, prototyping and validation.

6- Validation of objectives

We checked whether the priority actions have been taken into account and their results:

Eco-conception benefits on the Mobile Video Terminal S

What were the benefits of this eco-design project?

  • It has brought us an inspiring methodology that can be duplicated on other video solutions.
  • We have also developed skills on new tools that facilitate innovation such as Klaxoon or EcoDesignStudio.
  • There has been an awareness of the factors impacting the environment: number of components, consumption…
  • We set up a new sourcing and imported new ideas
  • And finally, eco-design has enabled us to save time by generating fewer processes, but also to make an economic gain by using fewer components.


Pryntec thanks the AER of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté for the Eco-Innovez Trophies, as well as the ADEME for their support. We would also like to thank the jury for selecting us and awarding us a prize.

At the same time, we thank the CETIM for their rich collaboration on the eco-design of our Mobile Surveillance Camera and for having guided us in the methodology and processes of this initiative.

And finally, thanks to all Pryntec’s teams for finalizing an innovative and eco-designed video solution by working hand in hand!

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